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"Making Love Out Of Nothing At All" by Air Supply

"Making Love Out Of Nothing At All" by Air Supply | Written by Jim Steinman

I know just how to whisper
And I know just how to cry
I know just where to find the answers
And I know just how to lie
I know just how to fake it
And I know just how to scheme
I know just when to face the truth
And then I know just when to dream
And I know just where to touch you
And I know just what to prove
I know when to pull you closer
And I know when to let you loose
And I know the night is fading
And I know the time's gonna fly
And I'm never gonna tell you everything I've gotta tell you
But I know I've gotta give it a try
And I know the roads to riches
And I know the ways to fame
I know all the rules and then I know how to break 'em
And I always know the name of the game
But I don't know how to leave you
And I'll never let you fall
And I don't know how you do it

Making love out of nothing at all
Out of nothing at all, out of nothing at all
Out of nothing at all, out of nothing at all
Out of nothing at all
Making love out of nothing at all

Everytime I see you all the rays of the sun are
Streaming through the waves in your hair
And every star in the sky is taking aim at
Your eyes like a spotlight
The beating of my heart is a drum, and it's lost
And it's looking for a rhythm like you
You can take the darkness from the pit of the night
And turn into a beacon burning endlessly bright
I've gotta follow it 'cause everything I know
Well, it's nothing 'til I give it to you
I can make the runner stumble
I can make the final block
And I can make every tackle at the sound of the whistle
I can make all the stadiums rock
I can make tonight forever
Or I can make it disappear by the dawn
And I can make you every promise that has ever been made
And I can make all your demons be gone
But I'm never gonna make it without you
Do you really want to see me crawl
And I'm never gonna make it like you do

Making love out of nothing at all
Out of nothing at all, out of nothing at all
Out of nothing at all, out of nothing at all
Out of nothing at all, out of nothing at all
Out of nothing at all, out of nothing at all
Out of nothing at all, out of nothing at all
Out of nothing at all, out of nothing at all
Out of nothing at all, out of nothing at all
Out of nothing at all
Out of nothing at all, out of nothing at all
Out of nothing at all, out of nothing at all

"All Out Of Love" by Air Supply

"All Out Of Love" by Air Supply 

I'm lying alone with my head on the phone
Thinking of you till it hurts
I know you hurt too, but what else can we do?
Tormented and torn apart

I wish I could carry your smile in my heart
For times when my life seems so low
It would make me believe what tomorrow could bring
When today doesn't really know, doesn't really know

I'm all out of love, I'm so lost without you
I know you were right, believing for so long
I'm all out of love, what am I without you?
I can't be too late to say that I was so wrong

I want you to come back and carry me home
Away from these long lonely nights
I'm reaching for you, are you feeling it too?
Does the feeling seem oh so right?

And what would you say, if I called on you now
Saying that I can't hold on
There's no easy way, it gets harder each day
Please love me or I'll be gone, I'll be gone

I'm all out of love, I'm so lost without you
I know you were right, believing for so long
I'm all out of love, what am I without you?
I can't be too late to say that I was so wrong

What are you thinking of?
What are you thinking of?
What are you thinking of?
What are you thinking of?

I'm all out of love, I'm so lost without you
I know you were right believing for so long
I'm all out of love, what am I without you?
I can't be too late, I know I was so wrong

I'm all out of love, I'm so lost without you
I know you were right believing for so long
I'm all out of love, what am I without you?
I can't be too late, I know I was so wrong

I'm all out of love, I'm so lost without you
I know you were right, believing for so long
I'm all out of love, what am I without you
I can't be too late to say that I was so wrong

I'm all out of love, I'm so lost without you
I know you were right

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Elite Chinese Female Bodyguards

Meet The Female Bodyguards That Protect China’s Elite

China's booming billionaire population has developed a penchant for personal bodyguards, who often serve as status symbols as well as muscle. Female guards, valued for their covert presence, precision, and elegance, are in particularly high demand at the moment.
VICE China recently visited Beijing's Yun Hai bodyguard training school to see how this fierce fighting force is trained.

† † †

Female Bodyguards Latest Accessory For China's Rich
  • Number of female recruits training to be bodyguards on the rise
  • Female bodyguards are in demand among China's elite
  • Women said to blend in better than male bodyguards
  • The training is extremely tough and some students quit
Yang Donglan has had an unusual career trajectory. 

The 22-year-old once made a living selling cosmetics, but a year ago she switched her make-up brushes for nunchucks, undergoing a grueling training program to become a bodyguard. 

"I can go out with the bosses and see a lot of things. It's eye-opening," she told CNN. 

Yang completed a course at Tianjiao International Security Academy, a Beijing-based training camp founded in 2008 to train bodyguards capable of serving the growing numbers of China's elite. 

She had to crawl through mud in the freezing winter cold, learn to handle a firearm and stay awake for 24 hours in what she refers to as "devil training." 

"I didn't do a lot of exercise before and when I first started, I had trouble breathing while running but I eventually caught up," she said.

Booming Market

Chen Yongqing, the academy's founder and former bodyguard, said he spotted an opening and decided to jump on what has become a booming market. 

In 2013, China had 317 billionaires (in U.S. dollars), second only to the United States, according to a ranking compiled by the Hurun Report, a Chinese version of Forbes' rich list.

"We not only give our bodyguards physical training, they are also provided training on things like wine tasting so that they can communicate effectively with their bosses," he said. 

"They not only serve as bodyguards, but sometimes as a boss' personal assistant."

Chen says that the number of female students is on the rise, adding that woman bodyguards have an advantage over their male counterparts, particularly as the number of female millionaires and billionaires increases.

"Female bodyguards are more appealing to female employers or family members of male employers," he said.

Yang says that employers prefer female bodyguards because they don't stand out. 

"It's easier for us to hide. People don't realize we are bodyguards," she says.

"Some guys are really tall; you can easily tell that he is a bodyguard. Also, girls tend to be better at taking care of people." 

She is reluctant to divulge any details about her own boss, saying "loyalty is everything" in her job. 

The training, which last for three weeks and costs up to 12,800 yuan ($2,100), is not for the faint-hearted and attracts women from different backgrounds.

Brutal training

Recent graduates Xu Si and Zhang Min both aspired to join the military when they were younger, but worked in sales and teaching before they became bodyguards.
Xu describes the training as brutal. In the first few days, she had to crawl through mud and jump into freezing water. 

"I was trembling, and an 18-year boy quit in the middle," said Xu, adding that the other female recruits were her biggest encouragement.

Others enroll simply for the experience.

Dong, a white-collar professional who only gave her family name, told CNN that she hasn't decided whether she wants to be a bodyguard, but she believes the experience was valuable, allowing her to learn to be tough and persistent. 

Chen said that many factors had led to the increase of female bodyguards -- a low employment rate, good payment rates, and the chance to meet VIPs and have other eye-opening experiences -- but the most important, Chen said, was the growing confidence of women in China today.

"Women today are more confident in taking careers that are usually perceived as male-dominated," Chen said.

Contrary to popular belief, Chen says that fewer women quit the course than men.
"Most of our girls stick it out to the end," he said. 

Yang has been working as a bodyguard for almost a year and says she has no plans to change to a different career despite the risks involved. 

"It's my duty to protect and act fast," Yang said. "I think I would stick to the job no matter what. It's a journey." — CNN

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The Secret History & Corporate Thievery Of Cabbage Patch Kids

The Secret History of Cabbage Patch Kids
Cabbage Patch Kids are collectible dolls thought to be have been created by fraudster — Xavier Roberts in 1978 but was evidently discovered to be created by Martha Nelson Thomas R.I.P. originally called, "Little People" 

Cabbage Patch Kids were one of the most popular toys of the 80s. Over the course of the decade, the dolls reportedly generated about $2 billion in sales.

Martha Nelson Thomas ( ? – May 26th, 2013) R.I.P.

The dolls were originally invented by a Kentucky artist named Martha Nelson Thomas. Martha first started making them in the early 70s, and would "adopt" them out to family and friends.

Cabbage Patch Kids logo, collectible doll & birth certificate

The dolls eventually caught the eye of Xavier Roberts, a Georgia man who ran a gift shop. After Martha denied him permission to sell her dolls, he stole the design and began making his own versions.

Cabbage Patch Kids — 30+ years in the collectible dolls industry

Xavier's dolls, which each had his signature printed on the ass, became wildly successful over the next few years. Their popularity reached its peak in 1983, when shortages of the dolls over the Christmas period led to mini-riots in toy stores across the country. Through all this, Martha didn't make a single penny from her creation.
Cabbage Patch Kids crossed-over into the Bi-Racial Era in the mid-90s

In this video, we travel to Kentucky to meet with friends and family of Martha, and hear how the Cabbage Patch craze affected her life. We also traveled to Maryland, to meet Pat and Joe Prosey, who believe they have the largest private collection of Cabbage Patch Kids on the planet. — VICE

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G-SHOCK: Casio's Historical Origins & Trendsetting Evolutions

theKONGLIST®'s prized G-Shock possessions — before pawning them
via KONG-LO®'s eBay account

History of G-SHOCK

Developing a legend

With the launch of its first watch in 1974, Casio entered the wristwatch market at a time when the watch industry had just discovered digital technology. As a company with cutting-edge electronic technology developed for pocket calculators, Casio entered this field confident that it could develop timepieces that would lead the market.

In developing its own wristwatch, Casio began with the basic question, "What is a wristwatch?" Rather than simply making a digital version of the conventional mechanical watch, we thought that the ideal wristwatch should be something that shows all facets of time in a consistent way.

Based on this, Casio was able to create a watch that displayed the precise time including the second, minute, hour, day, and month - not to mention a.m. or p.m., and the day of the week. It was the first watch in the world with a digital automatic calendar function that eliminated the need to reset the calendar due to the variation in month length.

Rather than using a conventional watch face and hands, a digital liquid crystal display was adopted to better show all the information. This culminated in the 1974 launch of the CASIOTRON, the worlds first digital watch with an automatic calendar. The CASIOTRON won acclaim as a groundbreaking product that represented a complete departure from the conventional wristwatch.

Casio's G-Shock: GRAVITYMASTER feat. Triple-G Resist construction — resistant to the
forces of impact, vibration and G Forces | Model: GWA1100R-4A | Retail Price: $650



In 1983, Casio launched the shock-resistant G-SHOCK watch. This product shattered the notion that a watch is a fragile piece of jewelry that needs to be handled with care, and was the result of Casio engineers taking on the challenge of creating the world's toughest watch.

Using a triple protection design for the parts, module, and case, the G-SHOCK offered a radical new type of watch that was unaffected by strong impacts or shaking. Its practicality was immediately recognized, and its unique look, which embodied its functionality, became widely popular, resulting in explosive sales in the early 1990s.

The G-SHOCK soon adopted various new sensors, solar-powered radio controlled technology, and new materials for even better durability. By always employing the latest technology, and continuing to transcend conventional thinking about the watch, the G-SHOCK brand has become Casio's flagship timepiece product. 

Concept & Birth
G-Shock is the ultimate tough watch. It was born from a developer's dream of "creating a watch that never breaks." Guided by a "Triple 10" development concept, the design teams sought a watch with 10-meter free-fall endurance, 10-bar water resistance and a 10-year battery life.

— RiRi —

At a time when it was commonly believed that watches were breakable items, G-Shock's development represented a challenge to common sense. The number of experimental prototypes built for endurance testing reached over 200. And the structural development and parts improvement took approximately two years.

After a long, hard process of trial and error, G-Shock was finally launched. A shock resistant structure that overturned conventional thinking about watches was realized through breakthrough thinking, including the ideas of a hollow-structured case, all-directional protective covering and the use of cushioning material to protect critical parts.

— Em —

These were the fruits of technological development that insisted on "toughness" and a revolution in watch design. Since launched, G-Shock has continued to evolve for 25 long years, carrying on the toughness of spirit and uncompromising passion that led its developers to persist in their unshakable belief.


Design + Structure


Case design offering protection against free-fall shocks
A prominent bezel configuration was adopted to prevent the buttons and glass from contacting flat surfaces, thus protecting them from shocks when falling at any angle. This design concept stressing protection from shocks is basic to every G-Shock case design, and the same protective structure is employed not only for our urethane cases, but also for our mm teal cases and analog watch cases.

Urethane band that acts as a shock absorber
The band actually acts as a shock absorber itself, protecting against shocks from behind. We have established strict standards for the combination ratio of urethane resin employed. Neither too soft nor too hard, the superb specified combination realizes an ideal balance between shock resistance and comfortable wear-ability.

Shock-resistant metal band that prevents drop shocks
This band is constructed of scratch-resistant pieces. Damage from shock is prevented, even if the watch is dropped, by a structure that defends against shocks by employing wide intervals at the connection points between the band pieces, and adopting a flexible, 150-degree range of band movement.


Born from the breakthrough idea of a hollow structure
The case employs a hollow structure in which the module is "floated" to protect it from shocks. A full urethane bezel provides all-directional enclosure to prevent direct shocks from striking the glass and buttons. And cushioning material provides extra protection for the key parts such as the crystal oscillator inside the module. These and other shock-resistant technologies, exclusive to G-Shock, are spread generously throughout the body and the module interior to raise toughness to the highest levels.

Hollow-structure case
If we tried to absorb shocks simply by encasing the module with urethane resin or other such materials, the case would grow to immense proportions.

G-Shock realizes high shock resistance by supporting the module inside the case at just a few points, thus creating a situation as if the module were floating in air.

All-directional covering
Direct shocks to the buttons and the glass surface are prevented by a protective urethane-resin bezel design. Shock resistance has been ensured by inserting cushioning material between the bezel and case in metal models with lower shock-absorption capabilities.

Protection of important parts with cushioning material The crystal oscillator and other important parts inside the module are individually protected with cushioning material. This prevents contact failures and improper operation due to distortions that could otherwise occur inside the module if the watch experience a sudden strong impact. G Shock
KONG-LO® via eBay®

Q&A w/ New York Islanders Captain — John Tavares


Q&A With New York Islanders Captain John Tavares

New York Islanders captain John Tavares will face Washington Capitals superstar Alex Ovechkin when the two clubs clash in the first round of the 2015 Stanley Cup playoffs. The former first overall pick dishes on the Art Ross Trophy, the Islanders' playoff hopes and which fellow superstar is fun to have a beer with.

STRANG: I haven't seen you in a while. How are things? What's new?

TAVARES: Not much. I come to practice every day, go home and sit on my couch.

STRANG: Delve into any good new shows lately?

TAVARES: I watch "Suits" and "Homeland." That's basically it. I watch "Trailer Park Boys," if I want a laugh.

STRANG: Oh, I've heard about that. That's a Canadian show, right?

TAVARES: Yeah, he's from Nova Scotia, so basically where Boults [Halifax, Nova Scotia native Eric Boulton] is from.

STRANG: OK, I'll have to scope that. So tell me, how has the season been going?

John Tavares finished the regular season one-point off the league leader with 86 points

TAVARES: Overall, I think we overcame a lot and proved a lot this year. Especially, [for] the steps back we took this year, I thought we took a lot forward this regular season. It was a tremendous start to the year. You know, obviously we've had some hurdles ever since the All-Star break a little bit, but we've stuck with it and we know what we need to do. We would've loved to have gotten home ice, but you're at 101 points and I don't think many people expected that this year and certainly I think you see where the group is now, there's a lot of potential going forward, a lot of opportunities to grasp and a lot of good young players as well. Some of those years were really tough. I think you're starting to see things start to come together and, like I said, it's up to us now to take advantage of that.

STRANG: Kyle Okposo said the other night that two years ago in that series against the Pittsburgh Penguins you guys might have been a bit shell-shocked at first. Do you feel like you guys are now better mentally prepared going in?

TAVARES: Yeah, we have a much better understanding, especially starting on the road. Game 1 a few years ago obviously we lost 5-0 and it then it wasn't much of a game and people thought it wasn't going to be a series, then things changed pretty quickly where we played really well those next five games. Could've won any of them. I think, for sure, any time you go through something, you have a better understanding and are more prepared and we're looking forward to the challenge.

STRANG: What sort of challenge do the Capitals present?

TAVARES: Well, I think they can play that kind of brand of hockey. I think they're kind of built for the playoff style. They're obviously big, they're physical, like everyone knows but they can skate and make plays and be creative. They have some game-breakers, a lot of experience over there. They'll be ready to compete for a full 60 minutes and whatever it takes to win a seven-game series, so we have to not only match that but we have to elevate and try to even get to another level, which takes a lot of commitment, a lot of sacrifice. It should be a great matchup.

STRANG: Does Ovechkin seem committed to playing a more complete game this season?

TAVRES: Yeah, I think you see the way he's had a great season, still producing at his ... really the rate at which he's been able to score goals over his career is some of the best all-time, so but certainly their commitment all over the ice as a team, they're tough to play against. I don't know if that's Barry Trotz coming in or other guys they've added, but they've just become a very complete team. He's fit into that kind of mold that their team has become.

STRANG: Where do you feel your game is at, heading into the playoffs?

TAVARES: It's good. Certainly, I thought I had some ups and downs before probably the last eight or so games. I think for probably five or six games there, I wasn't as good without the puck as I would have liked to been and I think I've sharpened that area up and I think that's only helped my game offensively. The way the game has been the last number of weeks, the way games have been officiated, the chippier games get, points are so valuable, it's more of that playoff-style of hockey, so it's kind of gotten you ready and you know this time of year you're never going to really feel that good, but you let that adrenaline and that emotion kind of take over and you enjoy these moments and try to grasp that opportunity.

STRANG: Would the scoring title have been a big thing for you?

TAVARES: Well, I don't think you focus on it but certainly it would have been nice. Anytime you win an Art Ross, a scoring title, or an award at this level in this league, it's a special honor, but credit to Jamie [Benn] -- he's had a great season, a tremendous finish, [he's] a good friend, a good teammate. I got to play with him on Team Canada a few times, so he's a fun guy to have a beer with, so he's a tremendous guy. For us, we were playing for home ice right until the end. I'm not going to lie, obviously, you think about it from time to time, but its not the way I tried to play. I didn't try to cut any corners or cheat. I just wanted to play my game and knowing if I played well and I do the right things, I'll get my opportunities. If it's meant to be, it's meant to be, but now it's just time to move on and focus on the playoffs. Obviously, we'd love to go on a deep run.

STRANG: What do you hope people say about the way the Islanders play this postseason?

TAVARES: I think we just want to be tough to play against. We want them to have to defend. When you have to defend, you lose a lot of energy trying to get the puck back. It makes it a tough time to create opportunities at the other end of the ice. I'm sure they'll say the same about us, but anytime you're a tough team to play against, in all areas of the game, we're a good hockey team. Obviously, the first half of the year we were really good at doing that. After that, things got a little tighter and we faced some adversity, but if we get back to that, I think we're a hard team to stop. — Katie Strang | ESPN

The Rap Monument — Greatest Posse Cut Of All-Timesss

The Rap Monument 

Thirty-minutes of pure rap bliss from three of sessions held in Los Angeles, Atlanta, and New York. The Rap Monument features white-hot beats coproduced by Hudson Mohawke, Nick Hook and S-Type. This epic beat was then rapped over by the likes of Push T, Action Bronson, Young Thug, Danny Brown, Raekwon, Prodigy and many more. Sit back and enjoy.

Read the full list of rappers involved (in order of appearance) below:
Pusha T - 0:32
Bryant Dope - 1:33
Go Dreamer - 2:09
Retch - 3:07
Nipsey Hussle - 3:51
Problem - 4:49
Danny Brown - 6:26
Mayhem Lauren - 7:30
Raekwon da Chef - 8:30
Vado - 9:30
​Kilo Kish - 10:38
Flatbush Zombies - 11:37
Renegade El Rey - 13:46
Rockie Fresh - 14:44
Pill - 15:41
Bodega Bamz - 16:39 
Remy Banks - 17:39
Killer Mike - 18:37
Del Harris - 19:36
YG - 20:49
CyHi da Prince - 21:38
Young Thug - 22:35
Aston Matthews - 25:08
Prodigy - 26:07
SL Jones - 27:04
Nigel Nasty - 28:03
Bobby Creekwater - 29:01
Action Bronson - 29:45
Heems - 30:51
Mike G - 31:45
Yak Ballz - 33:06
Zebra Katz - 33:47
Two-9 - 35:07
Alexander Spit - 38:03
ScottyATL - 39:07
Da$h - 40:07

Danilo Gallinari — Return of the Rooster

Danilo Gallinari: Waiting On The Sidelines

Danilo Gallinari insists Milan has way more basketball courts than New York, but the Denver Nuggets forward had to stay away from all of them while recovering from a torn ACL. Strolling down some New York neighborhoods, Gallinari fills in VICE Sports on how he spent his 18 months away from the courts: becoming a restaurateur, downing Aperol Spritz, and working on his "full throttle" dance moves.
Danilo Gallinari | #8 | F | Denver Nuggets

Spotlight on … Danilo Gallinari, forward, Nuggets

When: There are times when the sample size is too small. And there are times when it’s indicative of a larger movement taking place. That’s where we are with Danilo Gallinari, who is the penultimate Denver Post NBA player of the week for the evaluation period of April 4-10.

What’s up: In two games, Gallinari averaged 37 points, 8.0 rebounds, 3.0 assists and 1.5 blocked shots. He shot 57.1 percent from the field, including 53.8 percent from the 3-point line. The Nuggets split those games, one win and one double-overtime loss, but when Gallo was on the court he was a plus-24.

Background: For the first time all season, the many injuries in the past two years genuinely seem to be part of Gallinari’s past. He has battled to return to form from many knee injuries and surgeries, and last week he showed it. “Some folks are surprised, but Gallo is a very good basketball player,” Nuggets interim coach Melvin Hunt said. “Once he gets a little more time with his ‘new’ body, Gallo’s a special kind of player. He’s got a big heart; he wants to make plays.” Gallinari’s best game produced a career-high 47 points against the Dallas Mavericks on Friday. He was 15-of-23 from the field and made seven 3-pointers.

Dempsey’s take: In a 29-50 season for the Nuggets, it’s been fun to watch Gallinari essentially return to the form he was in when this two-year journey of injuries began in April 2013. A large part of his success has been not settling for jump shots, though lately he’s been making a lot of them. But his ability to get the ball to the rim and finish strong are indications that not only are his knees feeling good, they’re also not in his head — he isn’t worried about being careful on the court to not re- injure them. There is determination in Gallo’s eyes, an edge to his game, and I can’t think of a better person than him to be having success. — The Denver Post

Top 5 NBA Plays Of The Night: April 14th, 2015

Top 5 NBA Plays Of The Night: April 14th, 2015

Enjoy the top five plays from Tuesday night in the NBA.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Top 10 NBA Plays Of The Night: April 13th, 2015

Top 10 NBA Plays Of The Night: April 13th, 2015

Check out the top 10 plays of the night.
Andrew Wiggins | #22 | F | Minnesota Timberwolves
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