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Allen Iverson | #3 | PG/SG | Philadelphia 76ers | Hall Of Fame Legend

Jadakiss | MC / Rapper | The Lox / D-Block | Top 5 Dead Or Alive

Friday, August 19, 2016

Aaron Judge — Baseball's Mammoth

How big is Aaron Judge?

Just how big is New York Yankees prospect Aaron Judge? Yankees weigh in on his physique with YES Network's Matthew Stucko.

Aaron Judge | 6' 7" 275 lbs | #99 | RF | New York Yankees

Judge follows Austin with first career homer

Aaron Judge follows up Tyler Austin's first career home run with his own first homer in the big leagues, way over the wall in center

Aaron Judge makes quick, powerful impression on Yankees Newsday

Baby Bombers: Aaron Judge, Gary Sanchez giving Yankees reason for optimismSports Illustrated

Saturday, August 13, 2016

The Untold True Story Of Jackass

The Untold Truth Of Jackass

Who knew filming your friends getting hurt doing increasingly dangerous stunts could lead to fame, fortune, and a pop culture franchise? Jackass dominated TV in the early 2000s and has since led to four feature films, including one in 3D, and the Oscar-nominated Bad Grandpa. Here are some things you probably didn't know about the cast, crew, and creation of Jackass...

Alex Rodriguez | New York Yankees • MLB • Baseball Retirement

Alex Rodriguez announces his MLB retirement

New York Yankees DH Alex Rodriguez announces his plan for retirement from Major League Baseball.

A-Rod To Play Final Game Friday, Become Yankees AdvisorMLB

A-Rod's Final Game

Check out the sights and sounds from A-Rod's final game as a Yankee

Alex Rodriguez’s Yankees career ends in fittingly eccentric fashion — Sports Illustrated

Alex Rodriguez Tribute Video

A look back at the illustrious 22-year MLB career of Alex Rodriguez.

Saturday, July 30, 2016

The Return Of NYC's Guardian Angels

The Return of NYC's Guardian Angels

We spend a day with the Guardian Angels, a second-wave resurgence of the 70's crime fighting group that says it's back protecting the streets and subways of New York City after a series of slashings earlier this year. 

Vigilante Justice Comes Back to NYCThe Daily Beast

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Ghetto Millionaire by Amasing | COGNITIVE DRIFT

Ghetto Millionaire

We have all heard the horror stories of people who win the lottery and within a few years, wind up broke.

This isn’t the story of Ted Williams (aka man with the golden voice) story either!

Which by the way, he is unfortunately battling his own demons called — alcohol.

No, this is a story of a ghetto millionaire who tried to make an investment with his money so he can live the lap of luxury like all millionaires do. After all, accountants will tell you to invest your money to receive long term residuals and have a check coming in either once a month or at least once a year.

This ghetto millionaire is Ronnie Music Jr.; a man who has won 3 million dollars from a scratch off ticket and invested in meth as his retirement fund.

Authorities don’t know how much of the $3 million dollars he invested with the lottery winnings but Mr. Music believed it was worth the investment. Authorities seized $1.5 million street value of meth, firearms, ammunition, multiple cars, and about $600,000 in cash.

I sort of have sympathy for Mr. Music. I mean, here is a man that was trying to build for his future but he just happened to make the wrong investments.

That my friends, is what I call a ghetto millionaire! This might sound snobbish but wealth is something that needs to be acquired and conditioned. When you receive a large amount of money and you were never wealthy to begin with, you tend to spend it without knowing the consequences.

Here is some financial advice if you win the “big” lottery: if you’re not too old, don’t take the one lump sum. If you’re old, fuck it, you’re going to die anyway so take the lump sum. If you’re young, take the annual installment.

For two reasons: one, if you love money, the installment actually will give you more money than the lump sum. Two, even if you are a big fuck up and can’t manage money, you will still get a check at the end of the year.

Knowing my addictive personality, I better take the installment because even if I blew…blow my money, I’ll just have to live in a cardboard box until I get my next check. Don’t be a ghetto millionaire! — Amasing | COGNITIVE DRIFT

Thursday, July 21, 2016

MICHAEL VICK: Exclusive Bleacher Report Documentary

VICK: An Exclusive Bleacher Report Documentary

The exclusive Bleacher Report documentary on the rise and fall of Michael Vick.

Michael Vick | #7 | QB | Atlanta Falcons (2001 - 2006)

Michael Vick | #7 | QB | Philadelphia Eagles (2009 - 2013)

Michael Vick | #1 | QB | New York Jets (2014)

Michael Vick | #1 | QB | Pittsburgh Steelers (2015)

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

The Shame Machine: Cyber-Bullying, Internet Shaming & Online Sensationalism

The Outrage Machine | Retro Report | The New York Times

Shaming punishments have been around since Eve, but the advent of social media has created a new type of mob online.

Cyberbullying is bullying that occurs within the electronic technology network — devices, equipments, gadgets and machines such as cell phones, computers, tablets and smartwatches that involves communication tools such as social media sites, text messages, chat rooms, video apps and websites.

Internet shaming a.k.a. Online shaming is a form of social control that occurs when a person violates the norms of a particular community, and the social masses respond by publicly criticizing, demeaning and/or ostracizing the victim on a social platform

Online sensationalism are media coverage of alleged scandals, controversial stories and over-hyped/over-inflated reports to increase consumer attention and increase tabloid sales — in the overall efforts to increase profits...


Tuesday, July 19, 2016

American Origins Behind South Korea's Plastic Surgery Craze

South Korea's obsession with cosmetic surgery can be traced back to an American doctor, raising uneasy questions about beauty standards.

Monday, July 18, 2016

The Legend Of Leeroy Jenkins

The Legend Of Leeroy Jenkins

After watching an intense Minor League Baseball brawl: Jackals vs. Boulders via YouTube, a person posted a comment, "Let's do this..... LEEEEEEROY JEEEEENNNNNKINS!!" — which had garnered the attention of other commentators and basically had them cracking-up & dying of laughter.

Feeling totally left-out like a schoolmate "herb" who didn't understand a joke within an inner-circle, I transformed into Magnum P.I. and began an unrelenting Google Search — focusing entirely on this 'LEEROY JENKINS' character.

What I thought would take hours actually turned into one of thee most amusing, hilarious and whimsical discoveries of my pathetic online researching career!

"Leeroy Jenkins" was not the black kung-fu hero — "Bruce" Leroy Green from Berry Gordy's cult-classic film The Last Dragon (1985).

Nor was he even a colored person — after all that's said and done, he turned-out to be a mystical man known as Ben Schulz.

Look, to understand the true meaning and metaphysical prowess of, "LEEEEEEEEEEEEEROY JJJJJJJENKINSSSSSSSSsssss-ss!!!!!" is to understand inner-depths of a brazen, chicken-eating soul of a World Of Warcraft legend...

...a fearless and legendary warrior w/ a brain the size of a walnut:


Know Your Meme: Leeroy Jenkins

Know Your Meme scientist Patrick revisits "Leeeeeeeeeeerooooy Jenkinnnnns!", a popular catchphrase first screamed by a World of Warcraft player of the same name, just before ignorantly charging headlong into battle and ruining his group's carefully laid out plans.

Leeroy Jenkins: Reimagined as a Short Film

Director Finn O'Hara re-made the classic viral video 'Leeroy Jenkins' into a short film.

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