Tuesday, June 12, 2012


  • I LOVE IT when having a bad f*ckin' day then all of a sudden you get a phone call from that certain *special* someone that makes you wanna do a triple-somersault that leads into a flip & a triple salchow...a PERFECT-10! LOL's
  • I HATE IT when the signal for your train is coming & you're scramblin' to pull-out your Metrocard...got it!! But when you swipe the card — the turnstyle machine reads, "INSUFFICIENT FARE"!!!! (Mo'f'ckin' c*ck-s*cker!!!)
  • I LOVE IT when you see your ex-girl/boyfriend w/ their new love and that "new love" looks butt-ugly...LMAO...I don't give a flying-f*ck if dood/doodette makes more money than me, has a better job than me or is more educated...they're f*ckin' UGLY!! (That's it — end of story!) I feel good as hell!! Lolololololol's (Ohhh my stomach hurts! "Breathe in, breathe out!")
  • I HATE IT when someone bumps into you on the train, bus or street & when you turn around, you see a person w/ those huge mo'f*ckin' hiking backpack the size of BOULDER — it's like they have a Siamese Twin attached to them...WTF?! LOL
  • I LOVE IT when the New York Yankees can go after almost anyone on the MLB Free Agent Market because they have most unlimited money & unlimited top prospects in their farm system. :o)
  • I HATE IT when you see your boy & give him the "soul brotha" handshake only to get a slimey, wet, nasty handshake from them...come on mo'f'cker!!! Lol
  • I LOVE IT when you're about to get into a fight in a club/bar and all of a sudden your boys -(about 10-12 n*ggas deep) surround the other doods & his 3 boys...WHAAAAAAAA-AAT N*GGA?! WHUT?!? LOL's
  • I HATE IT when you have a HUGE-A$$ ZIT the size of a softball & the person you're with breaks out a basket & goes, "Yippeeee, your zit is ripe for the picking!!" Ewww lol
  • I LOVE IT when you come home exhausted from a long day's work -(heated at the world) and your dog comes running-to-you like he hasn't seen you in months -(more like 6 hrs) & starts licking your face like there's no tomorrow.. .ohhhhhhhh, give me love poochie! lol
  • I HATE IT when you're on your cell on an important phone call & you hear that dreaded "battery is dying" beep.. .oh sh*t! I forgot to charge my phone maaang!!

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