Thursday, June 7, 2012

LOVE -vs- HATE: VOL. 1

LOVE -vs- HATE: VOL. 1
  • I LOVE IT how when the person you're having an intense argument with admits that he/she is 'wrong' when in actuality, he/she is 'right' LOL's (S.U.C.K.A.)
  • I HATE IT when your psycho-ex calls & leaves msgs -(esp. after you've completely cut-them-off for more than a few years) and says, "They moved on w/ their lives & that they've found someone else & that they're so happy now" -(So why do they still continue to stalk you and still continue to leave crazy, deranged & psychotic msgs?! For God's sake, please, PLEASE seek some mental help: 1-800-MENTAL-HELP -or- 1-800-STALK-ME-NOT
  • I LOVE IT when one SEXY-A$$ MAMI personally e-mails you racy pics of her photo session last night w/ King magazine!
  • I HATE IT when you're on the train -dozing off...literally nodding-off on the train but then all of a sudden, you have horns & trumpets blasting in your ears & guitar strings strumming w/ 3 Mexican guys w/ 3 HUGE sombreros that starts playing & singing in your face, "Feliz Navi Da" -(In the middle of Summer?! Afwaaaa-aat?!?)

  • I LOVE IT when you rockin' a brand-new pure-white Versace shirt & Polo Ralph Lauren jeans that you just copped earlier in the day BEFORE posin' w/ a Playboy Playmate — feelin' totally FRESH TA' DEATH!! -(It's a good feeling I must say!)
  • I HATE IT when you have a date tomorrow and you have a HUGE zit the size of a baseball & your lil' bro comes up to you and wants to play catch w/ it!!!! LOL's
  • I LOVE IT when you find a $20 bill in one of your jean pockets right before you're about to wash your clothes, "OHHH YEEEAAA-AA!! YIPPEEEEE-EE!!"
  • I HATE IT when you're at McDonald's and waiting for the cashier to say, "Welcome to McDonald's, can I take your order?" w/ a BIG-A$$ smile ONLY to find the only [BLEEP] w/ a GRUMPY-A$$ face that seems like they're saying, "Welcome to McDonald's…won't you please KILL ME NOW?!"
  • I LOVE IT when you think a woman/man's not feeling you and you're about to give-up but then you get a miraculous call saying that they lost your number and found-it by getting-it from a mutual friend!! "Oh, what a feeling! When we're dancing on the ceiling!!" — Lionel Richie
  • I HATE IT when you're about to peel what looks to be a nice, ripe and yellow banana only to find those nasty, rotten spots on the inside! –(EWWW-www-ww!!)

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