Monday, June 18, 2012


1. I love it when your alarm clock goes off & you're slowly getting up for f*ckin' work -(grrrreat!) but then take a second to gather yourself & clear your mind because you just realized it's SATURDAY!! -( you're doing three back-flips in a row & then a somersault & that leads into a inverted handstand! Lol)

2. I hate it when it rains & you're forced buy those cheap black, umbrellas that you'll probably never use again. -(Cheap sh*t!)

3. I love it when you go home to your parent's house & they have like almost unlimited everything in the fridge -compared to your rotten eggs, bread that already expired, water & Arm & Hammer baking soda.

4. I hate it when you're on the express train then all of a sudden the conductor announces that the train is running local and all you keep seeing are these stops that you never f*ckin' heard of...Kosciuszko St., Van Siclen Ave., Alabama Ave., Sutphin Blvd. Whaaaaaaaaaa-aat?! WTF?!?

5. I love it when you're knocked the F out in bed & then your partner wakes you up with his/her tongue –(use your imagination) and you're about to have sex...AGAIN!!! Woop-wooooop!! LOL

6. I hate when you're knocked the F out & you partner tries to wake you up cuz they want more sex but you're too God damn tired for nookie…just pretend you're still sleeping, rollover & say hello to my back!! Lol's

7. I love it when help a lil' ol' lady across the street because you feel like a Good Samaritan and think all the bad & evil things you've done has been forgiven & forgotten! Amen!! Lol

8. I hate it when you just agreed to walk an old lady across the street and she's literally close to death & it feels like you're escorting a sloth across the god-damn centimeter, two centimeter...somebody shoot me! Better yet, CAR PLEASE RUN ME OVER!! Lol's

9. I love it when the girl -(you've been sweatin' like crazy) looks over at you & you're like, "Me? Me??" and then she looks away -(nooooo!) but then looks back w/ like the prettiest smile that you've ever seen! KOWA-BUNGAAAAAAAA-AA!! I'm on cloud nine!) :o)

10. I hate it when you have the worst toothache in the whole wide world & you just look at & treat everyone w/ such disdain!#$%?!

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