Thursday, June 7, 2012


Once upon a time, not too long ago...

...I was heading to my Thanksgiving Eve Party @ M2: ULTRA LOUNGE feat. TREY SONGZ Birthday Bash along w/ DJ CLUE & DJ CAMILO. The event was $40 advanced tickets only and the Promotional Director told the promoters & hosts that no one is getting "comped" unless it's your immediate family member or girlfriend. And so, I took Jasmine Fox as my "wanna-be" girlfriend and got her in for free. Please note, I've been promoting M2 for approx. 10 months and believe me when I tell you I never, ever seen M2 packed that early at 12am (midnight) was a f'in zoo!

After gettin' drinks at the bar, I proceeded to take Jasmine up to the DJ booth to bug-out w/ the opener: DJ JAPANESE DEE (the most humble DJ in the industry; maybe because his English isn't too good lol j.k.) but whatever the case, we was chillin' up there and then DJ CLUE eventually came to set-up. I began taking pics of the people backstage and I bumped into a RIHANNA "wanna-be" (pic attached). One side of the stage got so packed that I decided to take Jazz to the other side...a few minutes later, Sophia Marie (RIHANNA) came over to us and asked, "Is it cool if I hang-out w/ you?" I'm like, "Of course!" Duh.

I then asked who she was here with and she told me that DJ CLUE personally invited her but since he's spinnin' -she had no one to chill with. So, I literally had an on-stage photo session w/ Jasmine Fox & Sophia Marie.

To make a long story a bit shorter, I planned on bouncing to D'OR at exactly 1:30am because I had my #1 Female Baller client: Wanda poppin' mad bottles and complaining via texts that I wasn't there! lol I felt mad guilty but I didn't want to leave! lololol's ---> I told her that TREY SONGZ's staff were holdin' my homegirls hostage on-stage and I couldn't leave yet. (Bad Kong!)

Anyways, after more texts complaints I knew I had to leave and so I jumped into a yellow cab at around 3am! =/ I got there around 3:15am and apologized like crazy to Wanda but she was cool...all was good! At the end of the night -upon leaving D'OR, I was gonna meet-up w/ the crew at Cafeteria but then I bumped into a white girl who was crying her eyes-out on the sidewalk -around the corner from D'OR. I asked what was wrong & if she was ok and she was like, "My friends just left me...I was at TOUCH and got into a huge fight w/ my boyfriend...he had my car keys and drove my car home...I left my purse in my car and have no way of calling anyone or getting home!" I'm like, "WHAAA-AAT?!" So, I gave her my cell and she made a call to her moms who is a police dispatcher and she was sending some cops over to pick-her-up. I asked her if she wanted me wait for her, come to Cafeteria or get driven close to the Verrazano Bridge....but she said she'd be "okay."

Alrighty then, I was about to walk away but thought to myself, is she really gonna be "okay" and so I reached into my pocket and took out $2 case she needed to make a phone call...then I gave her another $3 case she wanted something to eat. lol

Fast forward to Wednesday, December 9th, 2009, I received a message on Facebook:

Jenna F. December 9 at 11:41am

Hey I honestly don't know if you would remember me or not but we met on thanksgiving eve I was the crazy girl stranded in the city crying with no phone or money lmao. I just want you to know you really saved my life that night and you don't know how much I appreciate it. Sorry it took so long for me to contact you I just found the business card you gave me. Thank you again!!!

~The End~

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