Monday, June 11, 2012


Once upon a Mom called me on a Sunday evening around 9pm & told me to come to Dad's Senior Citizen Social Club in Chinatown because he's real sick & won't be able to drive home...I frantically called my cabbie-boy & we got there in 30 mins. Dad was mad dizzy n' pale & kept vomiting...looked like food poisoning to me (for I had it twice & was in the presence of 3 other ppl w/ it)...I drove my parents home, piggy-backed Pops to the crib, called my Life-Line who told me to get banana + bread & plenty of rest...long-story shorter, Mom & I fought over her wanting to pay for the $25 cab ride but she won by putting in my wind-breaker jacket BUT also found a Maxi-Pad in the pocket! (She was probably like, "WTF?!" in Chinese!)

~The End~

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