Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Tolan, Kong & Drederick

Once Upon A Time...

...I had been recently "laid-off" from my dream corporate job — only to find-out several weeks later (I received an eye-opening/jaw-dropping e-mail from an ex-broker/co-worker) that the Department Manager schemed a way to get me fired, just so he can hire a blonde intern.


As the corrupt n' shady story unfolded, my boss was supposedly "in-love" w/ a blonde intern and wanted to "make room" for her...

...in order to do so, he had to get rid of someone that she can can conveniently replace at the brokerage firm.

Harborside Financial Center – brand-new building/workplace after the horrific 9/11 disaster

Shortly after being "laid-off" (as stipulated in the termination letter), a former co-worker "X-XXX" (a cool yet somewhat mischievous, nosy & tech-savvy Puerto Rican-American broker-trader) leaked inside information to me that my gray-haired boss (a 59 yr-old pervert) was e-mailing and instant messaging a blonde intern (22 yr-old college grad) non-stop for several weeks before I was "let go" — technically, I was "released" due to poor economic conditions and became a causality of corporate "downsizing."

My co-worker actually suggested that I get a hold of those e-mails — in efforts to sue the company for 'wrongful termination!' After contemplating, I took his advice and contacted a fellow co-worker from the company's IT Dept.

Ironically, he was able to get a hold of these flirtatious e-mails; which promised the intern that he was going to get rid of a Junior Broker (that's me) just so he can hire her.

Kyrie Irving | #2 | PG | Cleveland Cavaliers — 2012

To make a long story shorter...

...we agreed to privately meet under his conditions. And so, I took the Path Train to a remote suburban station in New Jersey — where my co-worker scooped-me-up and drove me to one of his closest boy's home in Orange, NJ.

Story unfolds... 

...can you believe his boy turned-out to be Drederick Irving (the former "all-time" leading scorer at Boston University from 1984-1988 and also a MVP at Rucker Park)?!

Drederick Irving's "homemade" trophy mantle

Besides from being a college hoops legend, Drederick was ironically also Bond Analyst at a prestigious international brokerage firm! We all chilled, kicked-back and relaxed in his backyard and/or basement — apologies, for I can't remember exactly where we hung-out (for I had more than a few brewskis)!

Anyways, we all chilled and conversed (in depth) about the options and possible courses of action I should take w/ this potential lawsuit.

Galactical story unfolds...

...I woke-up this afternoon & checked-out the Daily News to see this as their cover story:


Looking back in hindsight, I remember Drederick Irving telling me that his son is practicing free-throws in the backyard. As a basketball aficionado myself, I wanted to go out there and shoot-around but Tolan brought me over for a reason and I wanted to strategize w/  these older gods!

Never in my wildest dreams did I think a casual meeting w/ a courageous and reputable co-worker would turn into an actual meeting w/ a father of a NBA prodigy! It's sort of like me saying I chilled w/ John Wall, Blake Griffin & Derrick Rose's pops! #CRAZY

~The End~

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