Monday, July 30, 2012


Academy Award/Golden Globe Award nominated actress: Julianne Moore at theKONGLIST® Annual Charity Event


Academy Award/Golden Globe Award winning actress: Meryl Streep at theKONGLIST® Annual Charity Event


Chillin' in the V.I.P. balcony w/ Lloyd – R&B artist @ M2, NYC - Hosted by theKONGLIST®


Backstage w/ Amber Rose @ M2, NYCHosted by theKONGLIST®


Cullen Jones is "America's Fastest Swimmer" - Gold & silver medalist in 2008 & 2012 Olympics. Photo taken at FR.OG – Hosted by theKONGLIST®

Saturday, July 28, 2012


HBO's "Sex and the City" star: Sarah Jessica Parker @ theKONGLIST® Annual Charity Event in Harborside Financial Center, NJ


Joakim Noah | #13 | C | Chicago Bulls & Baby Yao
"TABLOID" Thursday's @ M2, NYC - Hosted by theKONGLIST®


Kevin Durant | #35 | F | Oklahoma City Thunder
NBA Draft Party @ AMNESIA, NYC - Hosted by theKONGLIST®


KONGRATULATIONS to Ryan Lochte on winning the gold in swimming at the 2012 Summer Olympics in London + KONGRATS to Joann Migs-Smith for her baby boy!
Photo taken at M2, NYC - Hosted by theKONGLIST®


Ryan Lochte – Wins an Olympic Gold in Men's 400m Individual Medley, Michael Phelps Finishes Fourth at 2012 Summer Olympics in London, Saturday, July 28th, 2012
Photo taken at M2, NYC - Hosted by theKONGLIST®

Friday, July 27, 2012


Once upon a was my co-worker's birthday and our company treated him to a birthday dinner at Churrascaria Plataforma -an "all-you-can-eat" Brazilian rodízio restaurant that caters to meat lovers! If you are one of the unfortunate few who haven't been to a rodízio-style Brazilian restaurant, waiters come to the table w/ knives and a skewer -on which are speared various kinds of delectable meats. [See below:]


They continue to serve you endlessly until the customers signify that they have had enough with green/red cue cards placed on top of the tables. After feasting like the Apostles during The Last Supper, we headed to Thursday's "AFTERWORK" Party @ THE EMPIRE HOTEL ROOFTOP.

Upon arrival, I can see & feel the energy that "Heavy Hitter" DJ CAMILO has bestowed on the rooftop...the party was poppin' like Orville Redenbacher! I made my way to the DJ booth, greeted the International Club King and we chit-chatted for a few...I'm a fan of his turn-tablism & he's a fan of my "infamous" E-blast captions *wink* I then asked if it was "ok" for me to stash my briefcase...uh, man-bag...under the turn-tables and he goes, 'No prob bro, but it's gonna be $5 and I'll give you a ticket (coat check ticket)!" lol Not only is DJ CAMILO One of Top Rated DJ's in NYC, he's also a comedian! LOL's

After ordering my promoter's comp bottle and securing a table directly in front of the DJ booth, I went looking for my co-workers. After locating them, I asked the receptionist if I could take a pic of her & DJ CAMILO? At first she said, 'No' but I wouldn't take 'no' for an answer, grabbed her hand and literally dragged-her to the booth. When she saw a group of girls giggling n' smiling near the booth, she was like, 'Oh hell no! I'm not taking any pictures...I don't want to look like a groupie!' and proceeded to turn-around. I kept begging her to stay but she wasn't having it! Then CAMILO seemingly over-heard us and goes, "What if I want us to take a pic together?" That gave my receptionist perhaps the BIGGEST "Kool-Aid" smile I have ever seen in my whole entire life! lol And so, I finally took a pic of them and right after showing her the photo, she demands, "You better send that pic to me first-thing tomorrow morning!" (What a H-Y-P-O-C-R-I-T-E! Lol's)

~The End~


'Uh, Drake...I think it would be wise if you were to put down that bottle of Ace of Spades' - Hosted  by theKONGLIST® @  M2, NYC


Lenny S (VP A&R of Def Jam Recordings), Adrienne Bailon (3LW & The Cheetah Girls), Kim Kardashian (Keeping Up with the Kardashians) & Joann Mignano (KONGRATULATIONS w/ Lil' Billy!) @ NFL DRAFT PARTY :: M2, NYC



Ex-co-brokers going BANANAS for Supermodel: Tyra Banks - theKONGLIST® Annual Charity Event in Harborside Financial Center, NJ


DJ KHALED & Kong from theKONGLIST®
Photo-op at the entrance of SW LOUNGE (formerly SUZIE WONG, NYC)


Hollywood actress: Zoë Saldaña & Fashion Designer: Tiki at  Zoë's birthday celebrationHosted by theKONGLIST® @ G'LO, NYC

Wednesday, July 25, 2012


1. I love it when you're busting your A$$ all day at work (lose track of time) & when you finally look at the clock, it's almost time to leave! Woo-weee!!

2. I hate it when you have to pee so bad in the morning but you're too god-damn lazy to wake-up & go to the bathroom...and then your bladder & your 'you-know-what' starts to hurt so bad & your lazy A$$ is in some serious pain!! Urggghhhhh!!

3. I love it when you come home from a long-A$$ day at work and the shortie you're with has dinner already cooked for you!  "A way to a man's heart is through his stomach!"

4. I hate when you run-out of boxers & briefs and you resort to rockin' you basketball shorts or swimming trunks as underwear! HAHAHAHA!! My true n*ggas know! Lolololol’s

5. I love it when fall asleep on the train & then you look-up and what do you know? It's literally your stop! Yippeeee!! That’s sweeeeeeeeet like sugar in my coffee!! Lol

6. I hate it when you fall asleep on the train & when you finally wake-up, you noticed you missed your f*ckin' stop! What the hell?! Somebody shoot me!

7. I love it when the girls you use to 'mess-with' -or- 'talk-to' are getting into their late-20's and are now starting to look old, flabby & wrinkly! HA-HA!! (Beauty fades sweetie pie ;o)

8. I hate it when you're on the train -sleeping & the stupid-mother-f*cker who's sitting next to you keeps on waking-you-up every time he or she leans-or-nod-off on you! I'M GOING TO KILL THIS MOTHER F*CKER!!!

9.  I love that feeling after you've spent 2 & 1/2 hours peeling a ginormous grapefruit & now, you're about to sink your teeth & tongue into a nice, suculent pink....lemme-stop! lol's

10. I hate it when you're with a girl and you want to fart so bad but can't for fear of embarrassment and so you holdin' it in for as long as you can "Ooooopsie Daisy!" Lol's


1. I LOVE IT when you're arguing profusely over who's right -or- wrong then you turn to Google for the answers and you turn out to be RIGHT! YEAH MUTHA-F*CKER! I WAS RIGHT MUTHA-F*CKER!! LMAO’s

2. I HATE IT when you taped (DVR'ed) a missed episode of your favorite TV series/show but someone with a BIG mo'fckin' mouth reveals the f*ckin' plot!! DAMMIT MAN, SHUT YER F*CKIN' TRAP!!

3. I LOVE IT when all those gypsies & scam artists at the carnival/fairs/festivals think they got you scammed but you somehow win & come away w/ one of their beloved prizes...a huge-A$$ stuffed animal...I FEEL LIKE THE MUTHA-F*CKIN' MAN!!!!

4. I HATE IT when you're out in public and see someone diggin' up his/her nose like there's no tomorrow...did you find the Long Lost Treasure?! Lol

5. I LOVE IT when one of your favorite rappers spits some of theHOTTEST & WITTIEST lines like, "I leave bullets lodged, leave you leaning on your broad...and our punks leave you gagged-up in your car...slumping, Kennedy-style with your memory out!" -OOOOMMMFFAAA-AA!! (That was Jay-Z before Beyoncé — by the way! LOL's)

6. I HATE IT when a chick is walkin' down the street like her sh*t don't stink...sorry to bust your bubble honey but guys (esp. in the hood) will look at any type of women whether you're busted -or- pretty, fat -or- skinny, tall -or- don't think you look HOT cuz you're probably NOT!!

7. I LOVE IT when that huge planet of a ZIT on your face is ripe & can finally be popped! "Hip-Hip Hooooo-ooray!!" Lol

8. I HATE IT when that nasty oOooOoze & blood from the zit just won't stop coming out! Holy Moses!! I need a box of's

9. I LOVE IT when you're feeling super-duper nice in a club and then your favorite song comes on ---> the music literally takes over your body & soul! WOOOO-WEEEEEEEE!! THIS IS THE SH*T!!! LOL
10. I HATE IT when you see a patch of ice & carefully...s-l-o-w-l-y ...walk over it only to slip & bust your A$$!

Saturday, July 14, 2012


"I Dreamed A Dream" – Susan Boyle


You know I'm sexy!


The Adventures of...Steroid Man!


Redefinition the term, "Lean back!"

HALL OF SHAME: PIC #11're on Candid Camera!


1. I love it when you just found that one song you've been trying to download for like months now...WOO-HOO...I got you now motherf*cker!!!

2. I hate it when you’re sitting across from a couple who's having an intense argument in front of you on the subway train & every time you look up, the girl or guy looks like they're gonna either cry or kill you...dammit man! WTF are you MAD at me for?

3. I love it when the person you are totally "in love" with ignores you for whatever childish reasons but then surprises you with a phone call or e-mail...OMG I thought you didn't want me anymore...YIPPPPPPEEEEEEEEE!! Lol

4. I hate it when you can't sleep at night and you keep tossin & turnin...trying so many g*d damn different positions and nothing works at all...Calgon take me away! lol

5. I love it when you're at the neighborhood bodega & the dude running the store is so friggin' busy at the register, on the phone, operating the Lotto machines, watching the security camera screen, listening to the futbol game on the radio, etc. that he gives you back more money than you're suppose to get! Hip-hip hooray!! Lol

6. I hate it when you get those sweepstakes letters in the mail, "You just won $10,000 if you join our club & deposit this check..." Maaaaaan, leave me the f*ck alone w/ your bloody scams!!

7. I love it when you're at work and the day is draggin' like forever but then all of sudden your boss tells you that you can leave early...wooooow, he must have gotten laid last night for the first time in months or something!! LMAO

8. I hate it when you're walking through the streets & then all of a sudden your foot feels like total wetness! A mutha-f*ckin' puddle!! Someone's gonna pay!!!!! Lol

9. I love it when you just finished having the most incredible conversation with a woman in which nothing but "charm & wit" was pouring out of your feel like "theMAN"...time to spark-up!! Lol

10. I hate it when you're in the club & you're at your table w/ your clients and then ppl are standing in your area like they wanna-be down...can a n*gga & his ppl's breathe & live?? Geeeez!! lol's

Friday, July 13, 2012


1. I love it when you first meet & start talking to someone "new"*t is all gravy!! Where’s the mash potato?! lol

2. I hate it when you're months into the relationship & you just realize how much you hate that person! Where's the uzi?! lol

3. I love it when the psycho girl/guy you was with stops talking to you thinking that's going to piss you off even sweetie, you're doing me a favor! (Stay away & keep away!) Lol

4. I hate it when you're eating cereal & then get distracted for just a few minutes then the friggin' cereal turns super-duper soggy...awwwwww-ww man!!! What the hell?!

5. I love it when you ordered take-out & that sh*t comes in record time! Woo-wee...chow time!!

6. I hate it when you let someone borrow money & when you ask for that money back...the borrower gives you a hard f*ckin' time! B*TCH-A$$ N*GGA, I'M THE ONE WHO LENT YOU THE F*CKIN' MONEY...I SHOULDN'T HAVE TO ASK YOU -YOU F*CKIN' PR*CK!! No more soup for you you degenerate/ungrateful piece-of-sh*t!! Lol

7. I love it when you're waiting for your direct deposit to clear about midnight on Friday but for some strange reason it's already in your account a day early...WOW! That's oh so, oh so cool!

8. I hate it when you're on the train and a group of Chinese people start yapping way in Chinese, "NEE HO MA?! DEW KNEE!!" loud as f*ckin' hell when they're literally one feet away from each other...holy smolies!! Have some courtesy you dumb chinks!!! LMAO's

9. I love it when you walk into a house/trance room & the DJ has that track w/ that mean f*ckin' bass pounding through the speakers, "Ooomps! OoOoOooOooMPs!! OOOooOOOooOOMPS!!!" OH YEAH!! THAT'S THE MUTHA-F*CKIN' SH*T!!!

10. I hate when you're at the gym & some tough guy is grunting like he's having an orgasm gone terribly wrong!! Lol Ok, Arnold...shut-dee-f*ck-up & just lift!!


"I'm an angel of a mess!"


Woman asks man, "Do you think my crack is showing?"




Best buds drink 'til the very end!


I guess he plans to freshen his breath before he knocks-out!
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