Saturday, July 14, 2012


1. I love it when you just found that one song you've been trying to download for like months now...WOO-HOO...I got you now motherf*cker!!!

2. I hate it when you’re sitting across from a couple who's having an intense argument in front of you on the subway train & every time you look up, the girl or guy looks like they're gonna either cry or kill you...dammit man! WTF are you MAD at me for?

3. I love it when the person you are totally "in love" with ignores you for whatever childish reasons but then surprises you with a phone call or e-mail...OMG I thought you didn't want me anymore...YIPPPPPPEEEEEEEEE!! Lol

4. I hate it when you can't sleep at night and you keep tossin & turnin...trying so many g*d damn different positions and nothing works at all...Calgon take me away! lol

5. I love it when you're at the neighborhood bodega & the dude running the store is so friggin' busy at the register, on the phone, operating the Lotto machines, watching the security camera screen, listening to the futbol game on the radio, etc. that he gives you back more money than you're suppose to get! Hip-hip hooray!! Lol

6. I hate it when you get those sweepstakes letters in the mail, "You just won $10,000 if you join our club & deposit this check..." Maaaaaan, leave me the f*ck alone w/ your bloody scams!!

7. I love it when you're at work and the day is draggin' like forever but then all of sudden your boss tells you that you can leave early...wooooow, he must have gotten laid last night for the first time in months or something!! LMAO

8. I hate it when you're walking through the streets & then all of a sudden your foot feels like total wetness! A mutha-f*ckin' puddle!! Someone's gonna pay!!!!! Lol

9. I love it when you just finished having the most incredible conversation with a woman in which nothing but "charm & wit" was pouring out of your feel like "theMAN"...time to spark-up!! Lol

10. I hate it when you're in the club & you're at your table w/ your clients and then ppl are standing in your area like they wanna-be down...can a n*gga & his ppl's breathe & live?? Geeeez!! lol's

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