Tuesday, July 10, 2012


1. I love it when you bring an item to the register thinking it's gonna cost X amount & then the cashier rings it up for a lower price!! Is it on sale? Did she make a mistake?! Who knows! Who's cares!! Just pay for it & go, Go, GOOOOOOOOOO!! Lol

2. I hate it when you meet a girl/boy that doesn't drink or smoke or party or do nothin'...W-A-C-K! B-O-R-I-N-G! LOL's

3. I love it when you meet a girl/boy that doesn't drink or smoke or party or any drugs...yessssss! Perfect "wifey/hubby" material!! Lol's

4. I hate it when you order a meal at a restaurant but the stupid waiter/waitress brings the wrong dish...dumb f*ck...now you have to decide on whether to take it -(cuz you're hungry as f*ck) -or- re-order & wait another 15-20 mins...dumb f*ckin' f*ck!! Lol

5. I love it when you're at the gym & you see a HOT-A$$ GIRL/GUY that makes you wanna lift a thousand million tons -HURRRGHHH!! Lol

6. I hate it when you see the same HOT A$$ GIRL/GUY & then all of a sudden you see her or his boy/girlfriend comes through & stops by for a kiss...WTF man, what about meeeeeeeee?! Lol

7. I love it when you're just about to blaze-up & the people who's down w/ the cipher gets all giddy n sh*t...everyone starts acting doofy & silly like the Looney Tunes characters, "quack! Quack!! QUACK!!!" "Which way did he go?" WhICh WaY DId hE GO?!"

8. I hate it when someone likes you but you're not feelin' them & the person you like doesn't like you or even know you exist...oh come on!! Is there a God up there or what?!

9. I love it when you go home empty-handed from a club, didn't bag any numbers...then all of sudden, when you depressingly start to undress into your PJ's...you get that "infamous" BOOTY CALL! Wooooop-Wooooooooop!! ;oP

10. I hate it when you're butt-naked in the shower & you discover that there's NO HOT WATER in the friggin' house -WTF!!!!!!!!!! And the idiotic side of you -gets you all hyped-up & makes you all brave n sh*t so you can take that dreaded less than 1 min. cold-A$$ shower!! BRRRRRRRRRRR-RRRRR-rr!! LMAO

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