Friday, July 13, 2012


1. I love it when you first meet & start talking to someone "new"*t is all gravy!! Where’s the mash potato?! lol

2. I hate it when you're months into the relationship & you just realize how much you hate that person! Where's the uzi?! lol

3. I love it when the psycho girl/guy you was with stops talking to you thinking that's going to piss you off even sweetie, you're doing me a favor! (Stay away & keep away!) Lol

4. I hate it when you're eating cereal & then get distracted for just a few minutes then the friggin' cereal turns super-duper soggy...awwwwww-ww man!!! What the hell?!

5. I love it when you ordered take-out & that sh*t comes in record time! Woo-wee...chow time!!

6. I hate it when you let someone borrow money & when you ask for that money back...the borrower gives you a hard f*ckin' time! B*TCH-A$$ N*GGA, I'M THE ONE WHO LENT YOU THE F*CKIN' MONEY...I SHOULDN'T HAVE TO ASK YOU -YOU F*CKIN' PR*CK!! No more soup for you you degenerate/ungrateful piece-of-sh*t!! Lol

7. I love it when you're waiting for your direct deposit to clear about midnight on Friday but for some strange reason it's already in your account a day early...WOW! That's oh so, oh so cool!

8. I hate it when you're on the train and a group of Chinese people start yapping way in Chinese, "NEE HO MA?! DEW KNEE!!" loud as f*ckin' hell when they're literally one feet away from each other...holy smolies!! Have some courtesy you dumb chinks!!! LMAO's

9. I love it when you walk into a house/trance room & the DJ has that track w/ that mean f*ckin' bass pounding through the speakers, "Ooomps! OoOoOooOooMPs!! OOOooOOOooOOMPS!!!" OH YEAH!! THAT'S THE MUTHA-F*CKIN' SH*T!!!

10. I hate when you're at the gym & some tough guy is grunting like he's having an orgasm gone terribly wrong!! Lol Ok, Arnold...shut-dee-f*ck-up & just lift!!

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