Wednesday, July 25, 2012


1. I LOVE IT when you're arguing profusely over who's right -or- wrong then you turn to Google for the answers and you turn out to be RIGHT! YEAH MUTHA-F*CKER! I WAS RIGHT MUTHA-F*CKER!! LMAO’s

2. I HATE IT when you taped (DVR'ed) a missed episode of your favorite TV series/show but someone with a BIG mo'fckin' mouth reveals the f*ckin' plot!! DAMMIT MAN, SHUT YER F*CKIN' TRAP!!

3. I LOVE IT when all those gypsies & scam artists at the carnival/fairs/festivals think they got you scammed but you somehow win & come away w/ one of their beloved prizes...a huge-A$$ stuffed animal...I FEEL LIKE THE MUTHA-F*CKIN' MAN!!!!

4. I HATE IT when you're out in public and see someone diggin' up his/her nose like there's no tomorrow...did you find the Long Lost Treasure?! Lol

5. I LOVE IT when one of your favorite rappers spits some of theHOTTEST & WITTIEST lines like, "I leave bullets lodged, leave you leaning on your broad...and our punks leave you gagged-up in your car...slumping, Kennedy-style with your memory out!" -OOOOMMMFFAAA-AA!! (That was Jay-Z before BeyoncĂ© — by the way! LOL's)

6. I HATE IT when a chick is walkin' down the street like her sh*t don't stink...sorry to bust your bubble honey but guys (esp. in the hood) will look at any type of women whether you're busted -or- pretty, fat -or- skinny, tall -or- don't think you look HOT cuz you're probably NOT!!

7. I LOVE IT when that huge planet of a ZIT on your face is ripe & can finally be popped! "Hip-Hip Hooooo-ooray!!" Lol

8. I HATE IT when that nasty oOooOoze & blood from the zit just won't stop coming out! Holy Moses!! I need a box of's

9. I LOVE IT when you're feeling super-duper nice in a club and then your favorite song comes on ---> the music literally takes over your body & soul! WOOOO-WEEEEEEEE!! THIS IS THE SH*T!!! LOL
10. I HATE IT when you see a patch of ice & carefully...s-l-o-w-l-y ...walk over it only to slip & bust your A$$!

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