Thursday, August 23, 2012


In case you guys didn't know, TRAP MUSIC has taken over the RAP/HIP-HOP WORLD! Trap music? What is Trap Music?? Well, here's an internet explanation:

"The origin of the Trap genre is characterized by an aggressive attitude in sound (that dope dealers listen to), incorporating brass, triangle, snappy snares and hi hats, loud kicks, and booming 808′s (Southern drum beats). Traditionally speaking, rappers like (T.I.), Waka Flocka, Young Jeezy and Gucci Mane would be classified as the original sound of Trap, however, the genres recent mutation has seen the popularity of techno and dub sounds incorporated more significantly into the overall trending sound."

"B.M.F." – Rick Ross feat. Styles P. Produced by Lex Luger.

"MC Hammer" – Rick Ross feat. Gucci Mane. Produced by Lex Luger.

In my opinion, it was Rick Ross & producer Lex Luger who brought Trap Music to the mainstream w/ the singles "B.M.P." & "MC Hammer" — Lex Luger is a young producer from Virginia who uses mainly computer software; more specifically a PC-based digital audio workstation called Fruity Loops (since technology is now so advanced, music equipment is not necessarily needed to create top-level beats w/ quality production). Lex caught the ear of Kanye West & Jay-Z so much as they had him produce their lead single "H.A.M." off their "highly-anticipated" collabo album: Watch The Throne (2011). At 2011 BET Awards, Lex Luger won the award for Producer of the Year at the ripe age of 20 yrs-old.

"H.A.M." – Kanye West & Jay-Z. Produced by Lex Luger.

It's f'in kray to consider or even dare say, the hardest rapper out in the rap scene is currently Kayne West? Sad but true. He has perhaps the hardest singles out...Kanye West a.k.a. Kim Kardashian's beau is the Hardest Rapper Alive! Ain't that some sh*t?!

"I Wish You Would/Way Too Cold" – DJ Khaled feat. Kanye West & Rick Ross. Produced by Hit-Boy. Video by Hype Williams.

Trap music seems to be now...what's next for the ever-evolving world of rap music?

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