Monday, August 6, 2012

LOVE vs. HATE: VOL. 10

1. I love the feeling of when you get hyped-up for a school trip, outing, romantic date, sporting event, road trip, vacation, whatever you get super-duper excited for!!!! It's the absolute best feeling in the world!! Do you concur?! I you concur?!?!?! Lol's

2. I hate it when the girl your dating & trust does something so fckin' stupid like eat all the ice cream that you were both suppose to spoiled & unsharing is your "so-called" significant other?!

3. I love it when you spark-up the first "L" of the get DUMB other words, "YOU'RE DUMBED-THE-FCK-OUT!!!!" Errrrrrythang is in SLO-MO...DUHHHHhhhhhhh-hh!! Lol

4. I hate it when you have to pee and have absolutely NO WHERE TO GO...and you're trying to hold (squeeze) the piss in!! WAT DA FCK IZ DAT?!?! Lololololol's

5. I love it when you order a round of drinks at the bar (fck!!) & the next n*gga says, "I got the NEXT round!!!!" YEAHHhhhh "OK" N*GGGGGA!!! I'll have to see it to believe it!!!!!

6. I hate it when you find out the girl you're really feelin' has a man!! F.U.C.K.

7. I love it when you hit-up a random spot (restaurant, bar, lounge, club) and you bump into someone you know there like the owner, general manager, manager, host/hostess, waitress or's a pretty good, gosh darn feeling, no?

8. I hate it when people talk sh*t behind your back and yet are totally f*ckin-off because they know absolutely NOTHING about you! Ahhhhhh, it feels good to be semi-famous (B-list actor/actress) LOL

9. I love it when you pass-out on the train & literally wake-up when it's your stop! Holy Moses! Do I possess telekinetic powers?! Lol

10. I hate it when you're having sex & try to impress the person your with but can't hold it in (cuz you haven't gotten "butt" in so long) and bust less than a minute!!!!!!! ♫ OoOOoOOooo...I don't want no minute man....♫ Lolololololololol's

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