Monday, August 6, 2012

LOVE vs. HATE: VOL. 12

1. I love it when you work in the corporate world and you're forced to wear suits...makes you feel like a million bucks!

2. I hate it when you're forced to wear suits at your job and everyone around you is making 6 figures but you're just playing along, makin' chump change and wearin' the same friggin' suit 3 days a week!!!!!!! LMAO's

3. I love it when you get into a SUPER-CRAZY fight w/ your significant other but then you have like the greatest make-up sex in the world...OoOoOoOoooOooo-weeeEeee!! Lol

4. I hate it when you forget to check the weather and it's SUB-ZERO're about to get really ballz! :o(

5. I love it when feeling down & out but your closest friends are ignorant to YOUR problems and carry on like nothing's much as you don't think it helps...believe me, it does & keeps you from committing suicide! Cherish YOUR friends!!

6. I hate it when you think that you either lost your wallet or keys but also think it might be sitting somewhere at home....the waiting/thinking/imagining/guessing game is not fun...not fun at all!!!!!!!!!!

7. I love it when you do something/anything wrong but your boyfriend/girlfriend still have your back even thought you're 100% DEAD WRONG...feels maaaaad good to have a support team! ;o) Ha-Ha!

8. I hate it when you're wrong & your boyfriend/girlfriend keeps rubbing it in your face and won't drop it or let it go!!! Sucks to be you! LMAO's

9. I love it when your "new" favorite song comes can't stop movin' and feel like doin' the HARLEM SHAKE!!! LOL's

10. I hate when you worked-out for the first time in months and your body is sore as f*ckin' hell next morning...oh sh*t, oh sh*t...I can't even move! Lol

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