Friday, August 24, 2012


Sadly, I found-out on Thursday that One of the Coolest, Most Funny-Loving Girl I had a pleasure of knowing "Gio" passed-away the day before from a terrible motorcycle heart & prayers goes out to her, her friends & family...I will always cherish the goofy n' silly convos we had and the "über-fun" times we spent...but most of all, her "care-free & open" heart and "beautiful" smile!

I will always miss you G...I ♥ you! R.I.P.

When I first met G, we was like; you just look at each other — and say no more, that-was-that, you already knew what you both were thinking at that exact moment -at the same time...but I felt like I was "over-protective" because I felt like Everyone was in total love w/ her -for she was just that — "extra" special...and since I was "very- protective" of her; I began interviewing, screening & running background checks on EVERYONE...j.k...bricare-free, goofy, funny, pretty, silly...I can go on & on!

My Dearest Geannina, Thank you for all the fun times —goofy n' silly convos we had...may you forever Rest In Peace

Hi G, in case you didn't know...I started my own blog...and guess what?
You're one of the most read ones *wink* thanks!


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  1. Hello kong, I am Geaninna Ranieri's mom. My name is Janice. Would you be so kind to send me the photos you have with my baby. I would greatly appreciate it.
    Text /call me at 917.674.3618.
    Thank you.


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