Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Once upon a time... ...I "thought" I was dating this girl whom I "thought" was the Love of My Life. I mean, she was everything I dreamed & hoped for; a unique-looking beauty who was a "self-professed" geek w/ a rather simple yet trendsetting-style including the world's most beautiful smile...until one day, one fateful day...we were texting back n' forth while I was at work...I told her, "I just f'in pee'd on my boxers by accident!" (To further explain in detail, I was in the bathroom pee-ing & the piss hit my belt and ricocheted onto my boxers).

She replied, "Ewwwwwww."

"Oh no he didn't!"

I eventually told her I went, "Commando" and that my jeans now felt like an, "Air conditioner!" I thought the whole incident was pretty funny....but for some strange reason, I never heard from her ever again.

~The End~

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