Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Once upon a time...I had to undergo several gum surgeries in order to correct the alignment of gums because the surgery wasn't healing right. Part of the recovery was to quit drinking n' smoking for several weeks and to cut-down on candy. In efforts to obey the dentists orders, I have now taken-up Sun-Maid Cranberries from New England's Cape Cod countryside. They are naturally sun-ripened, sweetened, dried, then carefully moisturized and packed into our foil-fresh, 6 oz. zipper bags. All the natural goodness and flavor are locked in each time you open and close the bag. Just 1/3-cup (about 1 & 1/2 oz.) provides a full serving of fruit.

Add to recipes!! Sprinkle over cereal or salads!! Use as a topping for yogurt and ice cream!! Eat right from the bag for an anytime, convenient, high-energy snack!

It wasn't even the teeth doctors who convinced me to cut-down on buying & eating candy, my idol & teacher: RZA the Abbot once stated, "Now penny candy is poison...when you buy a piece of candy for a penny, you're just getting poison...sugar, dye, tar design and all that..."

"Tragedy" – The RZA feat. Truth. Produced by The RZA.

"Penny candy poisonous rappers, best to chill or get your head gashed

Lemonhead, sour patch kids, best to grab
A Life Savor, I'll Jawbreak ya, Boston Bake ya
Then plant my sunflower seed on every square acre"

~The End~

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