Wednesday, September 5, 2012

BEANIE SIGEL Drops Album Then Arrested For Drugs/Weapons

One of My All-Time Favorite Rappers is hard-pressed w/ good & bad luck..."good" that he's finally getting his music back on again: "This Time (Album - 2012)" – Beanie Sigel but "bad" in the following: Beanie Sigel arrested on drug, weapons charges after album release on Wednesday morning, August 29th, 2012, just a of couple weeks before he's set to begin a two-year prison sentence for unpaid taxes. 

Imagine being arrested as you're sitting in the passenger seat of your "so-called" boy's ride? Bad luck or dumb duck?? (Don't even bother answering!)

In more positive news, Two of Raps True Heavyweight Street Lyricists recently traded grimey, gutter rhymes over this super-heavy, deep-bass driven track as a Baritone Beans & Raspy Rae; a formidable Tag-Team Rap Duo that could lyrically compete & rival (Jigga & West) for the throne, injects some sinister street criminology on this long overdue collabo...peep the sick sh*t:

"Analyze The Situation" – Beanie Sigel feat. Raekwon. Produced by Ritz.
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