Thursday, September 13, 2012


While surfing through Google News, I StumbleUpon onto this photo of Derrick Rose — the 2011 NBA MVP attended an Adidas promotional event to unveil his latest signature sneakers. While displaying a video of his season-ending ACL tear injury, Derrick Rose of the Chicago Bulls broke-out in tears. It's been an emotional & tough, and hopefully successful journey battling back from a series of injuries but some sarcastic sneaker enthusiasts disagreed, 'Tears are from signing w/ Adidas instead of Nike..." Back to you Chuck!

Derrick Rose Injury (Torn ACL & MCL in Left Knee) - Philadelphia 76ers @ Chicago Bulls - Game 1 Playoff
Adidas Rose 3 – Black/Grey/Red Bulls Alternate
Adidas Rose 3 – Aluminum Home

Video: Derrick Rose: Chicago's Air Apparent

Video by: Gordon von Steiner

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