Saturday, September 15, 2012

"(New) New God Flow" – Kanye West & Pusha T feat. Ghostface Killah

 New God Flow" – Kanye West & Pusha T. Produced by Kanye West & Tapez.

When I first heard "New God Flow" by the fearsome rap combo of Pusha T + Kanye West, I appreciated & gave mad props to the Ghostface's sample from "Mighty Healthy" — One of My Favorite Hard-Hittin' Boom-Bap Tracks from The Golden Era of Rap!

When I heard it the second time, I said to myself, "Every song from the G.O.O.D. Compilation is f'in S.I.C.K.!"

When I heard it the third time, I began to really admire & truly respect the fact that they used a sample from Ghostface's "classic" Supreme Clientele (2000) album. 

When I heard it the fourth time, I said to myself, " many hot tracks did they release from Cruel Summer –the G.O.O.D. compilation album? As a Hip-Hop Head, I hate the fact that you hear the whole album before it even drops and I was worried the same was happening w/ this!

Pusha T from the Clipse & Kanye West

But when I heard it the fifth time, I thought-out-loud to myself, "Self...instead of using a sample from Ghostface, why wouldn't they let him rhyme on the single? As a Rap Fanatic, I'd love to hear the fearsome rap duo of Kanyeezy & Pusha Ton along w/ Tony Starks!

To my shocking surprise, Funkmaster Flex premiered the "new" version of "New God Flow" on Hot 97.1 FM featuring Ghost Face Killah from the Wu-Tang Clan! Check-out Pusha T's tweet:

September 13, 2012 10:23 pm via UberSocial for iPhone
It took everything in my power to not tweet that Ghostface was added to NGF. I found out on 8/26. He bodied it!!

Click the link below to hear the S.I.C.K. triple-threat collabo that will make it on Cruel Summer (2012) –the compilation album by Kanye West's record label G.O.O.D. Music:

"New God Flow" – Pusha T & Kanye West feat. Ghostface Killah. Produced by Kanye West & Tapez.

"Hallelujah! The Rap Gods hath answered our prayers...time to rejoice!"

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