Wednesday, September 26, 2012

"Vegas Girl" – Conor Maynard [One of the Greatest Songs of All-Times!]

"Vegas Girl" – Conor Maynard. Produced by The Invisible Men, Parker & James.

One of Hottest Tracks I Have Ever Heard in My Lifetime!

Being a NYC Club Promoter for so many years, almost nothing really captures my attention or raises my eye-brows — hardly anything shocks or surprise me anymore...why? Well, it's like this... 
...imagine if I plucked a country hick from the Midwest and threw him into One of My Hot & Trendy Parties in NYC, how would he react? The Midwestern Hick would probably go K-R-A-Z-Y over all the "beautiful & sexy" multi-cultural women of "diverse & exotic" nationalities! The Huckleberry would probably feel like he's a kid in a candy store, right? but, But, BUT...what if you owned or managed the club (candy store)? You would eventually get bored...all the candy would probably look and taste the same after so many years, right?

LINE of the CENTURY: "I didn't mean to bash into your shoulders just then, maybe if...if you give me your number...I know, I know a few massage techniques"

Well, that's kinda sorta how I feel...(ho-hum...twirling-thumbs)...well, that is up until I saw this music video while thumbin' through the cable channels late one night! The way English "pop-newbie-sensation" Conor Maynard bumped into shortie on the sidewalk is the way I want to feel...BRAND-NEW...the way I wished I felt again, "Sigh!"

And this song & video gives me that S-P-A-R-K, John Starks.

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