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Billionaire investor Warren Buffett the "Oracle of Omaha" is the third wealthiest person in the world — considered the World's Richest & Most Humble Investor

Warren Buffett is widely-considered the most successful investor in the whole wide world -yet, he doesn't lead a glamorous lifestyle. Contrarily, he is a leading philanthropist — pledging to donate more than 99% of his wealth to charities. His favorite restaurant is Gorat's –a local steakhouse in Omaha. 

He keeps it basic — simplistic is more like it. He doesn't eat vegetables. He doesn't use a computer or even a smart phone. He just reads and reads and reads.

Warren Buffett has not drank a glass of water in over 50 years. He is a conscientious fellow and knows what works for him, and then he stays with it. He doesn't go out of his way to be different. He just has supreme self-confidence and effortless charming wit.

Warren Buffett's Net Worth: $46 billion

The "Oracle of Omaha" has made a habit of accumulating slow and steady earners. While other people on Wall Street are high-rollers & fast shakers — taking dangerous gambles in order to make huge/quick profits, they also run the risk of making large/immediate losses.

Buffett is everything that Wall St. isn't — he is an Anti-Rich Capitalist. [Warren Buffett and Other Anti-Rich Capitalists — Forbes] He chooses to invest in companies who run a reputable and upright ship. "Integrity" is the key to success and Warren Buffett is the most successful investor the world has ever seen.

Jay-Z showing Warren Buffett the "diamond" Roc symbol at the Grand Opening of 40/40 Club

He has befriended a vast variety of celebrities ranging from Alex Rodriguez -to- LeBron James -to- Jay-Z. 

Warren Buffett: Bio of the World's Greatest Businessman

Famed investors — Warren Buffett (net worth of approx. $47 billion) and Microsoft founder Bill Gates (net worth of approx. $54 billion) have collectively pledged to donate majority of their riches to charities for the sake of philanthropy.

Warren Buffet - Chairman, Berkshire Hathaway | Omaha, Neb.
Bill Gates - Co-chair, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation | Seattle

As previously stated, Warren Buffet is perhaps the most humbled and good-willed rich man, the world has ever witnessed...

...God bless the Oracle of Omaha!

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  1. May God and the Universe always bless people like him.


"Be as smart as you can, but remember that it is always better to be wise than to be smart."

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