Wednesday, October 3, 2012


100 M Men's Final from the 1988 Seoul Summer Olympic Games is known to many as The Dirtiest & Fastest Race in Sports History!

Once upon a time...I use to watch any major sports event w/ my Dad –for he was One of the Most Animated Boxing Fans I know. His enthusiasm for boxing also transcended to the Olympics, Knicks playoff games in the 90's (we witnessed Larry Johnson's "4-Point Play" and Reggie Miller's "8-Point Play" & the "infamous" O.J. White Bronco Chase) and countless others –including the 1988 Olympic Men's 100m Final between a "c*ck-diesel" Ben Johnson & "stealth-looking" Carl Lewis. We were shocked the way Johnson "the Canada Guy" (as my Dad had put-it) absolutely BLEW-AWAY...[check-it]...literally DESTROYED the competition!

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