Sunday, October 21, 2012

"Belispeak" – Purity Ring. S-I-C-K TRACK by Synth-Pop Duo: Megan James & Corin Roddick

"Belispeak" – Purity Ring. 

Purity Ring, is an "ever-evolving" electronic/synth-pop duo consisting of Megan James (Vocals) & Corin Roddick (Instrumentals) from Montreal, Canada. They originally started-out as an indie rock act called Born Gold (previously known as Gobble Gobble).

While touring, Roddick & James grew increasingly inspired by the sounds of contemporary R&B. The "sound-shifting" evolution of their music and unique, "custom-built" post-modern "live" shows built them a "cult-like" following w/ "die-hard" fans describing their music as:

"Great new artist...Purity Ring has a very unique sound and its amazing."

"Wow... Speechless! Artistic and mesmerizing..."


"Chilling, complex and aggressive..."

"Dark yet sophisticated sounds...showcasing dirty yet tight production"

Purity Ring is Megan James (Vocalist) & Corin Roddick (Instrumentalist) circa 2010

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