Saturday, October 20, 2012

DON'T FIGHT, BITE! Shoplifter Restrained & Bitten by 7-Eleven Employees in Brooklyn!

This rather bizarre video captures the alleged shoplifter being grabbed, dragged, clinged and even bitten upon by the 7-Eleven store employees on Flatbush Ave., near the newly-opened Barclay Center in Brooklyn. 

The cameraman along w/ several passer-bys & on-lookers watched in amusement & horror — some even pleaded to the convenient store clerks to stop the ridiculousness and to call the cops, but they claimed that this was a frequent shoplifter and proceeded to bite...even literally stripping the culprit of his garments — all the way down to his boxers. 

This fiasco was posted on several websites & news outlets; quickly going viral — prompting the owner of the store to fire one worker and discipline two other employees.

All this over a Snickers bar? Vigilante store clerks ain't nuthin' to [bleep] with!

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