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HYPERPHOTOS — Surrealistic Combination of Art, Photography & Technology


What are hyperphotos? In layman terms - futuristic photo art. Think: panoramic photos w/ Google Earth's capabilities. Still KONGFUSED? You can keep clicking and zooming and clicking and zooming, seemingly endlessly, until you find yourself on a dramatic balcony, looking up a statue’s nose — the more you zoom-in, the more clear & real the distant images becomes. Fascinating pieces of works from that may revolutionize the photography art world.

Galerie des Affaires étrangères

"Hyperphotos might look like a single photo, but these self dubbed hyperphotos are made of hundreds and sometimes thousands of individual photos. You can dive into each one and find an incredible  amount of detail. Rauzier spends countless hours collecting and stitching together photos until it is impossible to distinguish between them. Make sure to check out the incredible full resolution photos at his portfolio." – Who Designed It?

Escalier de la Reine

Escalier de l’hotel de ville de Versailles

Jean-François Rauzier — French artist, born in 1952.

Since graduating from the Ecole Louis Lumière, Jean-François Rauzier is a professional photographer, while developing a personal creative work. In 2002, his artistic work takes a turn innovative and radical invents the concept of Hyperphoto. In recent years, this virtuoso of digital technology receives recognition of his peers. 

It is thus the winner of great artistic and photographic competitions: in 2006, living in Berlin Up-date giving the award Screenings in 2008, he was awarded the Arcimboldo for digital creation, in 2009, he was awarded the APPPF in the category architectural photography and in 2011 was awarded the Eurazeo.

It sets in the world: New York, London, Los Angeles, Paris and Seoul ...
His works plunge the viewer into a dreamlike, sometimes fantastic. They offer a reflection on the real, the place of man in the city, the perception of the world and especially an invitation to travel.

Connecting People

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