Thursday, October 18, 2012

I-Gucci Watch Collection - Trademark GG Rubber Strap [Retail Price: $1,350]

Gucci Watch - Men's Digital I-Gucci White Rubber Strap [Retail Price: $1,395]

Once upon a time... 

...I was dating an Assistant Buyer for Gucci's Creative Design Department. When she discovered that my favorite color was orange, she persuaded a few corporate Gucci representatives to personally invite me to participate in a conference meeting w/ their Gucci Creative Design Team... [Somebody pinch me...and never wake-me-up...{continue}...] are the latest additions to their Gucci Timepiece Collection:

Gucci Watch - Men's Swiss Digital I-Gucci Orange Perforated Rubber on Black Rubber Strap [Retail Price: $1,550]

[Note: After discovering the Assistant Buyer was still technically married (her divorce procedures was put on a year...[no, scratch that] over-the-year long hold), she & I are no longer dating.]

Gucci Watch - Men's Swiss Sport XL White Green & Red Nylon Strap [Retail: $995] & Men's Swiss Coupe Green & Red Stripe White Perforated Leather Strap [Retail: $995]

[Double-Note: I recently stumbled upon her a few days upon yonder and for some strange n' profoundly peculiar reasons, I can't/couldn't believe I was ever into her in the first place/1st Place?]

KONGFUSCIOUS say, "Time heals all wounds..."

Gucci Watch - Men's I-Gucci Collection Black Rubber Strap [Retail Price: $1,395]

I-Gucci is the first digital watch ever created by Gucci, the highly-stylish watch combines sport precision — adding a vibrant touch w/ a uniquely modern-style & an unconventional fashion attitude. The I-Gucci comes in 5 different colors & variations w/ the following specs:

-Trademark GG logo-embossed rubber strap w/ green/red/green accented colorways
-Deployment buckle digital numerals or hands
-Swiss digital dual-time movement w/ alarm
-Sapphire crystal
-Water-resistant to 3 atm (100 feet/30 meters)
-Stainless-steel case
-Swiss made

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