Saturday, October 20, 2012

Prodigy Drummer: Tony Royster, Jr. Hired by Jay-Z

Back in 1995...Tony Royster Jr. burst upon the drumming world as an 11-yr-old child prodigy, participating in the Guitar Center National Drum-Off — a prestigious annual competition -which became the stuff of legend. The humble & seemingly shy kid from Georgia who was born w/ a God-given, natural talent played a jazz score at the 2000 Grammy's w/ other child prodigies. Royster, Jr. eventually became a "high-profile" professional touring drummer for many other musicians like En Vogue, Imajin, Lazyeye, New Flava & Japan's top-selling Japanese artist: Hikaru Utada — constantly evolving, Tony continues to break the rules, stretch boundaries, tear down barriers w/ his seemingly effortless chops, lighting-fast hands & unique creativity. 

KONGTROVERSY has seem to taint his "new-found" fame or should one say "re-discovered"  fame — as he has been recently dubbed Jay-Z's drummer; serving as his "live-session" drummer at Hov's "sold-out" shows & concerts. Many "die-hard" fans from both camps claim that their artist are the G.O.A.T. (Greatest of All-Time) — with many critics and fans-alike adversely claim that he is dumbing-down his playing abilities for otherwise simple, hip-hop drum beats originally intended for rap songs -created by way of electronic drums...artificial is more like the word-of-choice for drumming fans.

"Ok, it's not that serious...I doubt Tony Royster, Jr. (the child drumming prodigy) is selling his soul so he can create hip-hop/rap beats for the rest of his life! lol He grew-up & already probably mastered a plethora of blues, classical & jazz compositions but now that he's older...he's probably dibble-n-dabblin' (or submersing lol) into other genres...and who wouldn't want to get paid?! lol He'll probably continue to evolve like most talented musicians — it's music nature. Ya' dig?!" — Kong Blog via YouTube

Tony Royster Jr. is an inspirational, mind-blowing drummer who is currently "wow-ing" his audience nationwide (see below: David Letterman Show performance)...leaving most first-timers in awe w/ their jaw-dropped to the floor. With the potential for him to tap into a new legion of Hip-Hop Heads & Rap Fanatics by way of Jay-Z's touring drummer, Tony continues to "wow" un-tapped audience — converting them into brand-new fans; who are slowly transforming Tony Royster, Jr. into a "house-hold" name.

Tony Royster Jr. - Drum Solo - David Letterman 8-22-11....As Seen On ©CBS


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