Friday, October 5, 2012


Once upon a time... ...I was working frantically on my website –as I'm trying take breaks here n' there, I un-mute my TV to see two "tatted-up" players from St. Louis Rams in a post-game interview. Chris Long and James Laurinaitis from the St. Louis Rams are sons of famous fathers — Howie Long [Hall of Fame NFL Defensive-End Legend & currently a studio analyst for Fox TV] and Joseph Laurinaitis ["Animal" from The Road Warriors a.k.a. The Legion of Doom (L.O.D.)] — Generally considered the Greatest Tag Team in the History of Professional Wrestling.

NFL Hall of Fame Legend: Howie Long w/ his son: Chris Long, an "All-American" defensive end from the University of Virginia as the St. Louis Rams  him with the second overall pick in the 2008 NFL Draft.

Chris Long & James Laurinaitis are currently All-Pro players for the St. Louis Rams — both signing a multi-year contract in 2012. Long is 27-yrs-old and was subject to alot of criticism for not living-up to his billing as the second overall pick in the 2008 NFL Draft, but after totaling 30.5 sacks in four seasons –including a career-high 13 in 2011, his worth is a forgone conclusion after agreeing to a four-year contract extension — his six-year deal is now worth $60 million over 5 years w/ $37 million guaranteed w/ the St. Louis Rams.

Laurinaitis is 25-yrs-old and is entering his fourth season in St. Louis after the team drafted him No. 35 overall in the second round of the 2009 NFL Draft. He has recorded 114 tackles or more in each year as a pro, quickly garnering the respect as one of the best at his position. He recorded 142 total tackles as middle-linebacker last season, ranking eighth in the NFL and signed a five-year contract extension worth $41.5 million w/ $23.5 million guaranteed. The Sons of Legendary Strong Men are both writing their own script in their NFL history... be continued.

Lil' James & Big Joe

"All-American" James Laurinaitis & the his father "Animal" unmasked

Father & son's Sporting News magazine cover

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