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Michael Jackson's "Medley" at the 1995 MTV Music Awards ("Don't Stop 'til You Get Enough"/"The Way You Make Me Feel"/"Scream"/"Beat It"/"Thriller"/"Black or White"/"Billie Jean"),"Dangerous"/"Smooth Criminal","You Are Not Alone"

Once upon a time...as my weekend parties died down and the dust finally settled, Sunday afternoon slowly emerged — Sundays are very precious to me because it is my only day-off...my only day of rest. Unfortunately –on this particular day, boys & I were forced to watch some of the wackest football games in the history of its sport. Some of us were literally about to die from boredom...scrambling to gather all the hollow-point shells that were scattered around my "wanna-be" penthouse apartment...contemplating suicide. Most of us were dozing-off "in & out" of consciousness...passing-out in 10-15 minute intervals...sleeping in spurts were our only answer against the dreaded disease called, "boredom" — the Sunday Blues was hittin' us & it was hittin' us HARD!

1995 MTV Music Award - Michael Jackson's Medley

But then –as if Thomas Edison was looking down upon me, the "light-bulb" went-off in my head *DING* I quickly ran into my bedroom, pulled-out Michael Jackson's HIStory On Film Volume II DVD and showed my boys theGREATEST MUSICAL PERFORMANCE EVER in FRONT of a "LIVE" AUDIENCE: Michael Jackson's performance medley at the 1995 MTV Music Awards. 

[Note: Slash is the special guest guitarist and Michael Jackson's performance kicks into high-gear at the 3:35 mark]

Michael Jackson doing the 'Baseball Bat' at the 1995 MTV Music Awards

This was by far, the greatest performance I have ever witness in my whole entire life...the choreography, the moves, the music, the outfits, the performance, the presentation, the songs, the steps were out-of-this-world! After watching Michael do the "half-a-mile" moonwalk, the "out-of-control" tap-dance moves, the "intricate" robot, the "side-ways" robot, the "gyrating" pelvis-move, the baseball-bat, the golf-swing, etc. Etc. ETC. We were all mesmerized...my boys & I all sat there and stared in awe...we were more than captivated, we were literally blown-away!

[Note: Although I personally crown this as the greatest ever, my boys & I did catch two mistakes in his performance medley...hey, nobody's perfect.]

Michael Jackson R.I.P.

In hindsight, what many people fail to realize was that Michael Jackson performed two consecutive dance routines to his "classic" Billie Jean. The first rendition seemed to be a light "walk-through"...causally dancing as if he was going through the motions — as if he was at a "sound-check"...but for the second rendition, once they replayed the track and simultaneously dimmed the lights & turned the spotlight directly on the King Of Pop, the rest is history!

~The End~

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