Thursday, October 11, 2012


Rachel Sterne Haot – Face of a Multi-Billion Dollar Industry

Rachel Sterne Haot is not your atypical 29-yr-old woman w/ beauty & brains — no sirree bob, she is the very first Chief Digital Officer of New York. 

Say what?

Okay, let's back-track...when Mayor Bloomberg hired her in January 2011, she became the very first C.D.O. (Chief Digital Officer) not only in New York but the United States...joining London and evidently inspiring Rio de Janeiro to follow in the metropolis's footsteps.
Known for her designer boots, clothes and shoes, Rachel Haot
has been 
featured in Vogue Magazine
Rachel has become the face of Mayor Bloomberg’s goal in making New York the World’s Leading Digital City next to Silicone Valley — utilizing social media outlets such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Flickr, Tumblr and many other tech-hubs.
This articulate and intelligent woman grew-up in Park Slope, Brooklyn and was working on her first Mac at the young age of 7 — building her first website by the age of 13.
She attended NYU as a History major and spent a summer in France as an au pair, volunteered on a Native American reservation in Montana and interned for then New York City District 1 Councilman Alan Gerson.

At the helm

After a post-graduate internship w/ the State Department of New York & United Nations and brief stint at the file-sharing pioneer LimeWire, Sterne began building ties within the tech "start-up" community.

She landed a golden opportunity w/ GroundReport (a global citizen-­journalism site that provided a platform for anyone w/ a laptop or smartphone to report a breaking story — it currently has 7,000 citizen journalists which is unmatched in mainstream media) and establish herself as a new-media player by the time she was 25.

@RachelHaot on Twitter

Her current annual salary is approx. $116,000 per year and has overseen the expansion of City Hall’s social media presence — 2.4 million followers across more than 280 channels, including a 68-page report called “Road Map for the Digital City."

Other lists of accomplishments includes expanding free Wi-Fi in city parks and subways, introducing new "high-tech" graduate schools to creating more engineers, and increasing the size of its social media audience.

Rachel is also responsible for the digital footprint of the city, a $65 billion operation and also teaches at Columbia Business School. Her Twitter profile states — Chief Digital Officer for @nycgov, supporting innovation in government and NYC's thriving tech sector.

"Sterne lives in Greenwich Village with her fiancĂ©, Max Haot, the 34-year-old Belgian cofounder and CEO of Livestream, a wildly popular service that allows anyone with a video camera to stream content live over the Internet. Haot and Sterne have found themselves on lists of New York media power couples, though their synergy has thus far been more personal than professional. Haot says that he would love for her to someday mastermind digital strategy for his company, but he concedes, “I probably can’t afford her.” — Vogue

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