Wednesday, October 17, 2012

USA HIGHLIGHTS feat. Blake Griffin's Monster Dunks & Kyrie Irving's Crazy Ball-Handling [VIDEO]

2009 NBA #1 Draft Pick | Blake Griffin | PF | Los Angeles Clippers | Oklahoma

Blake Griffin sporting a suit

Once upon a time...I was hosting "TABLOID" Thursday's @ M2: ULTRA LOUNGE, NYC. All of a sudden, I see a bunch of bouncers escort in a huge entourage of tall men wearing suits. One of the men was a tall, red-headed giant w/ freckles who was sporting a grey suit & a huge diamond earring. After being escorted into the V.I.P. section, Blake Griffin soon left the club after bouncers told the then 20-yr-old, he would not be served alcohol.

~The End~

2012 NBA #1 Draft Pick | Kyrie Irving | PG | Cleveland Cavaliers (from L.A. Clippers) | Duke

Kyrie & Drederick Irving
Kyrie & Drederick Irving

Once upon a ex-co-worker of mine invited me over to come kick-it w/ him at his friend's house in New Jersey. His friend turned-out to be Drederick Irving, the leading scorer for Boston University. While downing a few Coronas in his basement, he said he wanted to introduce me to 8-yr-old son but his kid was too busy shooting hoops in the backyard — his son turned-out to be Kyrie Irving.

~The End~

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