Monday, November 12, 2012

FASHION SENSE: The Bubble Vest Explosion

Polo by Ralph Lauren Ski Patrol Down Orange Puffer Vest [Retail Price: $298.00]

The Bubble Vest Explosion

Bubble vests have been around for as long as I can remember — its rise in popularity has been recent & its surge in sales has been steadfast. 

Polo Sport by Ralph Lauren Down Navy Blue Puffer Vest

My very first one was a blue Polo Sport: Ralph Lauren bubble vest down w/ the Polo Sport emblem etched on the upper-right chest-plate that was purchased over a decade ago — shortly after the Y2K scare.

Polo by Ralph Lauren Ski Patrol Down Orange Puffer Vest w/ Ski Patrol shield emblems

Since then, I've added a few more to my bubble vest collection: black Kenneth Cole & red Levi's and most recently, an orange Polo by Ralph Lauren Polo Puffer Vest Sun Valley Orange Ski Club [Shell: 100% Nylon | Body Lining: 100% Cotton | Hood Lining: 100% Nylon | Filling: 80% Down & 20% Feather | MSRP: $298.00] to my growing collection.

Reason for my fondness of them is quite a club promoter, bubble-vest offers the best of both worlds when it comes to comfort and showcasing your inner-garments — especially if you like to wear layers.

Polo by Ralph Lauren Ski Patrol Down Orange Puffer Vest [Back View]

Unlike bubble-jackets or bubble-coats, those would be way too warm/hot to wear inside a venue and the only way people can see what you have underneath is if you unbutton the front or remove the outer-wear entirely.

With a bubble vest, you not only get the protection from cold weather because it protects the most important inner-core parts of your body (since I go in & out / back & forth) but because it is sleeveless, you can layer and showcase to the nightlife world what you're rockin' underneatha fashionistas dream come true.

Polo by Ralph Lauren Elwood Camouflage Down Vest [Retail: $230.00]

Perhaps that can explain the whole Bubble Vest Movement in recent years...don't believe me? Check-out NBA's premier point guard from Los Angeles Clippers "All-Star" Chris Paulwho was featured on the cover of October 2012's GQ Magazine:

               Bubble vest by Michael Kors [Retail Price: $375] — Bubble vest by Coach [Retail Price: $398]

     Bubble vest by Versace Collection [Retail Price: $795]  Red bubble vest by DKNY Jeans [Retail Price: $90]

Blue bubble vest by True Religion Brand Jeans [Retail Price: $273]
Photos by Ben Watts. Courtesy of GQ Magazine.

As I travel to and from the island of Manhattan of New York City on a daily and nocturnal basis, I can see what the current trends – look – style are in the urban-setting.

A setting "urban" so deeply valued — and yet, the world's top-tier name brands & fashion designers would inexplicably never concede to acknowledge the fact...

...that urban-wear is a dominant force, a major player in the fashion world. — Kong | theKONGBLOG™

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