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FLIGHT (2012) -starring- Denzel Washinton, Don Cheadle, Kelly Reilly & John Goodman. Directed by Robert Zemeckis.

FLIGHT (2012) -starring- Denzel Washinton, Don Cheadle, Kelly Reilly & John Goodman. Directed by Robert Zemeckis. [Release Date: November 2nd, 2012]

SYNOPSIS: In this action-packed mystery thriller, Academy Award winner, Denzel Washington stars as Whip Whitaker, a seasoned airline pilot, who miraculously crash lands his plane after a mid-air catastrophe, saving nearly every soul on board. 

After the crash, Whip is hailed as a hero, but as more is learned, more questions than answers arise as to who or what was really at fault and what really happened on that plane?


Once upon a time... ...in a strange twist of fate, I originally planned on seeing LINCOLN (2012) but AMC's movie ticket machine read, "SOLD-OUT" — I regrettably (at the time) chose FLIGHT (2012) because I needed to kill time until the Knicks vs. Grizzles game at 9:30pm ET. 

"Regrettably" since my co-worker, who supposedly studied film at New York University did not have a favorable review for this highly-anticipated Robert Zemeckis film — far-fetched movie plot, excess use of drugs, nudity & profanity, and Denzel wasn't too convincing, were on his list of reasons.

Running several minutes late, the theater was already packed with only the first few rows being relatively empty. Although I prefer sitting-up close, I prefer not breaking my neck and so I began scanning the upper-levels in the back w/ my infra-red night vision. I spotted several single seaters and I knew I had to make my move before it was too late.

I took it back to the old-school "two-hand touch" Nerf football days and returned a punt for a touchdown — finding an open seat in the nose-bleeds, beating-out a loud-mouthed couple minutes before their unwelcome arrival.

Nadine Velazquez plays flight attendant Katerina Marquez in the film's "infamous" opening scene

The adult-themed opening scene has been much-ballyhooed & talked-about since its release FLIGHT (2012) is not only the first R-rated Zemeckis film in over 20 years, it is his first "live-action" directed film since CAST AWAY (2000). For those who don't know, Zemeckis also directed the BACK TO THE FUTURE (1984) Triology, WHO FRAMED ROGER RABBIT (1998) & FORREST GUMP (1994).

Critically-acclaimed director & actor: Robert Zemeckis & Denzel Washington

The script revolves around the heroic efforts of an airplane pilot named Whip Whitaker (Denzel Washington), who pulls-off a miraculous sequence of maneuvers (loosely-based from the fatal crash of Alaska Airlines Flight 261 in 2000) to avoid crashing his plane after a mechanical malfunction.

His heroism saved 96-of-102 people on board but once reports emerges that he had alcohol & drugs in his system, Whip finds himself under intense scrutiny jeopardizing his career.

With the help of a representative in the airline's pilots union — former-pilot & colleague, Charlie Anderson (Bruce Greenwood), along w/ a high-end attorney — Hugh Lang (Don Cheadle), the three formulate a plot...defending Whip's act of valor, pointing-out that no other pilots were able to safely land the plane under the same circumstances in flight simulations.

This film dives into the dark world of elite, high-paid professionals who consume drugs in order to perform under high-levels and/or high-performance professionals who can still perform their jobs at a high-level, even under the influence.

One of the Year's Best — Flight (2012) | Running Time: 2 hrs. 18 mins.

FLIGHT (2012) thrusts into full-throttle and performs at a high-level from beginning-to-end w/ several twists & turns along the way. Intense, gripping –and yet, intellectual and down-to-Earth film-making which has been a signature of Robert Zemeckis.

It contains a handful of dark-comedic bright-spots courtesy of his friend & drug dealer, Harling Mays (John Goodman). Hollywood and its fans may be getting accustomed to seeing John Goodman's re-occuring role as an on-screen fixer of sorts but I am proof-positive that no one has grown tired of his roles — hi·lar·i·ous.

FLIGHT (2012) -featuring- Harling Mays & Whip Whitaker

And for those who has been highly-critical of Oscar-winner & acclaimed-actor Denzel Washington for his most recent string of B-movie-esque films — rest assured, Denzel is back
But this time around, he takes to the skies instead of the tracks.

(93/100 as per rated by theKONGBLOG™)

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