Wednesday, November 7, 2012

INSIDE KNOWLEDGE: J.R. Smith's Soaring Fastbreak Dunk

NBA fans –esp. Knicks fans, witnessed One of the Most Electrifying & Most Emphatic Fast Break Dunks in Recent Memory when 36-yr-old rookie, Knicks point guard Pablo Prigioni (the oldest NBA rookie from Argentina) stole the ball from Evan Turner and raced down court for a fast break — trailed by both Turner & Jrue Holiday, Prigioni then fakes a lay-up by double-clutching a pass back to a trailing J.R. Smith and the rest is highlight reel history!

But "trailing" isn't the's the inside scoop on what really happened:

New York Knicks sideline reporter Tina Cervasio's post-game interview w/ J.R. Smith

"I knew [Prigioni] saw me because of the way he was looking at me when he got to half-court  but I was dead-tired and I couldn't run...and then at the last minute he just kicked it back and I had to speed it up."

“Whenever somebody gets in my way when I’m about to dunk, I definitely want to prove a point that they shouldn’t have been there,”  explains J.R. Smith.

And there you have it folks...if you're being lazy or in J.R.'s case, "dead-tired" — one may reap "self-fulfilling" rewards by pushing one's self — and that's the INSIDE KNOWLEDGE!

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