Sunday, November 18, 2012

INSIDE KNOWLEDGE: Secret to A.J. Green's NFL Success?

  A.J. Green | #18 | WR | Cincinnati Bengals

FACT: A.J. Green is currently One of the Top Wide-Receivers in the NFL. He's a touchdown-making machineappearing on NFL's weekly highlight reels is now becoming the norm for the Pro Bowl wide-out and former-Georgia Bulldog.

A.J. Green's amazing one-handed touchdown catch against the Chiefs

Green has shown a superhuman ability to make circus catches down the field and is a threat for the home-run play each & every time he steps onto the football field. 

What is so special about A.J. Green?

Is it because he's faster than a speed in bullet? [40-yard dash: 4.50]
– Is it because he's able to leap tall buildings in a single bound? [34.5" vertical]
– Is it the triple-threat combination of size, speed & strength? [6'4" 215 lbs]

theKONGBLOG™ examines the cause of his rapid ascension to super-stardom"in-depth" analysis discovered the sole reason behind his uncanny knack of making unbelievable catches: A.J. Green was on the "juggling team" at his elementary school.

The star WR from the Bengals learned to juggle balls and props as early as second grade, “that helped with my hand-eye coordination a lot...I can juggle, like, four balls,” he said. “I can juggle everything...pens, bowling pins, whatever.”

And there you have it folks, the secret to A.J. Green's amazing pass-catching abilities...and that ladies & gents, is the INSIDE KNOWLEDGE!

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