Tuesday, November 27, 2012

INSIDE KNOWLEDGE: Why Are Bus Seats So Ugly?

Typical "ugly" bus seat designs
Why Are Bus Seats So Ugly?

Before we get to the answer, please note that this question brought forth several years of bewilderment — which led to several months of "non-stop" pondering.


Well, I use to take the bus to college (from Brooklyn -to- Albany in Upstate New York) during my educational years and from Brooklyn -to- New Jersey during my corporate years.

Could it be the designers were colour-blind or was it because the manufacturers couldn't afford quality design-work?

Ultimately, after several painstaking days of "in-depth" analysis — rendered by theKONGBLOG™'s Panel of Experts, we finally discovered why buses have the most awful, hideous and repulsive bus seat designs known to mankind.

Years & years of complaints from bus commuters prompted theKONGBLOG™ to finally take action!

And the answer is...

...bus seat covers were engineered & scientifically designed w/ image-concealing algorithms to hide all the disgusting filth, mindless littering and unwanted graffiti, "DUH!!!"

Durable transport fabric depicted above features a retro 'moquette' design used to mask “butt juice" stains

In layman terms, bus seat covers are typically created w/ durable 'water-repellant' fabric and designed w/ specific 'geometric' patterns; in order to hide accidental stains or prevent vandalism. And that ladies & gentlemen, is the INSIDE KNOWLEDGE!


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