Friday, November 30, 2012

Nike's “Fantastic Four” 4-Pack

Fantastic Four – The World's Greatest Comic Magazine

“Fantastic Four” from Marvel Comics are my favorite superheros — they're known for their distinct & unique physical abilities resulting from being exposed to cosmic rays in outer space. They were the first superhero team created by Stan Lee & co-pilot Jack Kirby.

Fantastic Four "World's Greatest Heroes"

Nike's ‘Fantastic Four’ Sneaker Pack each have distinguishable colorways and unique materials used to build each sneaker: Nike Air Max 90 (Mr. Fantastic) features a canvas-like material, Nike Air Force 1 (Invisible Girl) showcases a transparent, see-through upper, Nike Dunk High (The Thing) used material that resembles rocky-hard texture, and Nike Air Max 95 (Human Torch) utilized patent leather to emulate scorching-hot flames.

Nike's Fantastic Four Pack

Ladies & gentlemen, let's take an "in-depth" look into Reed & Sue Richards, Ben Grimm & Johnny Storm's "exclusive" kicks:

Mr. Fantastic's Nike Air Max 90 - Harbor Blue/White-Military Blue

Invisible Girl's Nike Air Force 1 - Clear/Harbor Blue-Military Blue-White

The Thing's Nike Dunk High - Beachtree/Orange Blaze-Hazel

The Torch's Nike Air Max 95 - Deep Red/Orange Blaze-Varsity Maize

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