Thursday, November 15, 2012

Patrón Citrónge — My New Best Friend


Patrón Citrónge is a premium reserve, extra fine orange liqueur. Made in Jalisco, Mexico the all-natural Patrón Citrónge delivers a sweet and smooth fresh orange taste that is excellent straight or to enhance a premium cocktail. It also adds a unique flavor to gourmet recipes. Patrón Citrónge and Patrón Tequila make the finest, most authentic, smooth and delicious Margaritas.

40% Alc. Vol.
Available in 1L & 750ml

Every so often, a new brand or old brand of liquor becomes the "IN" drink — whether endorsed by a celebrity or popularized by catchy-lyrics in the latest Hip-Hop/R&B song, it becomes the "new" drink of choice for some and/or "new" bottle craze being popped by others.

Patrón® Tequila (like Hennessy, Grey Goose & Cristal before it) is currently one of the aforementioned "IN" drink — soaring to new heights in the liquor world due to commercialism & marketing courtesy of rappers such as 50 Cent, Chamillionaire, Lil' Jon, T.I., Yung Joc, Cassidy, The Game, Nas - Make the World Go Round, Twista, Joe Budden, The Dream...etc., Etc. ETC.

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