Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Rare Chandeliers (2012) feat. Action Bronson & Alchemist | FREE Mixtape & Tidbits

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Action Bronson the Chef

Action Bronson is an Albanian rapper from Queens, New York who's voice is oft-compared to Ghostface Killah from the Wu-Tang Clan. Before gaining notoriety in the underground rap scene, he was a respected "fire-flame" gourmet chef. Perhaps he should change his name to Bronson the Chef?

In an interview w/ our favorite Hip-Hop website called HipHopDX, he was asked the comparison,

"Yeah, I mean at the end of the day, it’s all good because Ghostface Killah is one of the best rappers alive, so if I sound similar to the best rapper alive then that is fine. To me there is no comparison; he is a legend and I am a newcomer. If I would try and emulate with anyone it would be Kool G Rap, he is the person I look up to the most. I am not upset but at the end of the day I am my own person and no one can take that away from me."

Queen's Deadly Combo: Action Bronson the Rapper & Alchemist the Producer

Chef Bronson recently teamed-up w/ One of Hip-Hop's Creative & Elite Producers in The Alchemist — who seemed to have re-invented his sound as of late (either that or he's evolving his soulful-sonic production to a more minimalist sound w/ an endless cocktail of beautifully-bizarre & extra-rare samples that will make it difficult for contemporary ALC fans to guess who's behind the boards on this one or that one).

Together, this lethal Queens combo brings you a free album w/ special underground guests: Roc Marciano, Evidence, Styles P & Sean Price — to name a few. For those who continue to cry, "Hip-Hop is dead!" It's not dead, you have to go underground to look for it.

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