Saturday, November 10, 2012

Sam "Sweet Feet" Gordon — 9-Yr-Old Female Football Star: 232 CAR, 1,911 YDS, 35 TDS & 8.2 AVG

Sam — as in Samantha "Sweet Feet" Gordon, is a pint-sized 9-year-old female football player from Salt Lake City, Utah who is captivating the nation w/ the following headline news:

Sam Gordon, Girl Football Player, Stars In Ridiculous Highlight Reel — The Huffington Post

Girl Football Star Sam Gordon, 9, Wows With Spectacular Highlight Reel — ABC News

Little Football Player Sam Gordon Becomes Huge Internet Star — The Bleacher Report

Meet Sam Gordon, The Little Girl Who Is Absolutely Dominating Her All-Boys Football League — Business Insider

Sam "Sweet Feet" Gordon

Not only is Sam Gordon the only girl in an all-boy's Pee-Wee League...she is already considered a S-U-P-E-R-S-T-A-R in only her rookie year! The speed demon weighs under 60 pounds and already possess world-junior-class speed w/ shifty, stop & go moves that would make Reggie Bush proud. But just don't take it from me, these are her "jaw-dropping" first-year gridiron statistics:


Because of her age and gender, coupled w/ the fact that she's playing tackle football against boys twice her size (some at 150 pounds) — KONGTROVERSY will surely soon surround this dynamic, "one-of-a-kind" marvel of a running back. But in the meantime, her fans & the sports world await the child-prodigy running back's every lil' compact moves — literally.

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