Sunday, November 11, 2012

"Same Shit, Different Day" – Havoc. Produced by Havoc.

"Same Shit, Different Day" – Havoc. Produced by Havoc.

[Hook x3]
Same shit just a different day
Same shit...

[Verse 1]
Listen to the bars, stay focused
Spit it for the average citizen going through the motions
Savage living, anybody can get it you're the closest
Stomach touching, that 9 of mine, he ain't got these niggas votin'
My fingerstips is filthy, got me out here smokin' roaches
And sippin' on that 40, that's my temporary potion
That bank is looking tempting, I ain't tryin' to do a football
Times when I'm stressed out, ain't nobody that I could call
In the crib waitin' for the stars.. to line up
Be careful what you wish for now they got me in a line-up
On some bullshit that my peoples told me was a perfect line-up
But he just hungry as me, so you know his judgement biased
Fuck the consequenses, it's a jooks we applied
Real rap, I don't got no motherfuckin' time for lieing
Hate a liar, death before dishonor, I'm a rider
Got these faggot motherfuckers out here singin' like the choir, motherfuckers!

[Hook x4]
Same shit just a different day

Ayo man these niggas straight bitch out here man straight up man
Cold pussy, cupcaked out, I don't know what the fuck is going on man
I can't call it
Ayo son what the fuck else these niggas doing?

[Verse 2]
Niggas out here dry snitchin' writin' books
Lieing out they ass just to sell a book
On some superhead shit, so pathetic, think you hit it
How you livin', where you movin', got ya man hit up in question
Identity in crisis, I hit 'em with the icepick
And watch the bitch come out you, put that bullshit on a diet
Predict ya end in twenty-twelve, as if I was a mayan
All Nostradamic wit it cause the real shit I'm just tied in
With these streets I have alleigance, you allergic to the jungle
Ya hammer never went off why scared of what the gun do?
You a bitch in every sense, when the drama get intense
You shook at the event, get the motherfuckin' sense, smacked out you
My foot is on that neck I won't allow you
The wolves is in the building on a motherfuckin' prowl
I know you hear the howls
Don't even speak a vowel
Of my name, or get the shit be right the fuck about you

[Hook x3]
Same shit just a different day
Same shit...

"Same Sh*t, Different Day (S.S.D.D.)" – Havoc (Mobb Deep). Produced by Havoc.

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