Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Star Citizen – Space Sims PC Game Raises Over $6 Million

Crowd-funded campaign for new high-end PC space sim from Chris Roberts nets millions, tripling original target.

"Star Citizen's crowd-funding campaign ended today, with total funds more than tripling the original $2 million pledge goal. The Roberts Space Industries page concluded with $4,104,189 from 55,270 backers, with its Kickstarter drive closing today with $2,134,374 million from 34,397 supporters. Total support for the high-end PC space simulation came in at $6,238,563 from 89,667 backers.

"The battle is over and we--PC gamers, space sim fans, WingNuts, Lancers, and the rest--have won. You've not only met every goal we set, you've exceeded them," reads a line from a statement posted to the game's website. "Star Citizen will be released because of your dedication and your willingness to put your money where our mouths are. Our gratitude is immeasurable; we owe you our livelihoods and will not soon forget it."

Last week, the first ever gameplay footage from Star Citizen was released, though it was described as not representative of the final product.

Star Citizen has been in development at Cloud Imperium Games for 12 months. The game itself includes a "sophisticated storyline" that is set in a persistent online universe. According to creator Chris Roberts, it will fuse elements of his previous games, Wing Commander and Freelancer, and support for the virtual reality headset Oculus Rift is planned.

Much like Guild Wars 2, Star Citizen will be available through a one-time purchase, but will not require a subscription. Players can also purchase virtual items with real-world money to customize their ships. Backers of the project will receive access to an alpha version of the game next year." — GameSpot by Eddie Makuch, News Editor

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