Thursday, December 6, 2012

Evolution / Invasion Of The Smart Cars


Fashion designer Jeremy Scott, who has been inspired by everything from meat to Bart Simpson, has taken his signature wing style and parlayed it into something fashionable yet functional: a smart car.'

Jeremy Scott designs a Smart car with wings for the Los Angeles Auto Show
Scott, who’s favored by pop stars like Lady Gaga and Katy Perry, teamed with German-based Smart to customize a limited-edition vehicle, dubbed “Smart Forjeremy.” The car debuted this week ahead of the LA Auto Show, which kicks off Friday, Nov. 30 at the Los Angeles Convention Center. Scott’s design will appear among more than 40 new cars—but it will most likely be the only one to feature transparent fiberglass wings with red light-up details (which also serve as brake lights.)

Completing this project makes Scott, 38, the first fashion designer ever commissioned to adjust the exterior of a vehicle, the Hollywood Reporter notes. But the hardest part of this endeavor wasn’t the actual design work—it was keeping the whole thing quiet for a year, he said at its unveiling Tuesday night in Hollywood. It all began when Scott presented Smart with a hand-drawn sketch, and eight months later, the concept had become full


developed. Head of Mercedes-Benz and Smart designer Gorden Wagener said the idea was “to make something that would be a fetish design object.”

Smart Forjeremy’s interior features white leather, diamond-shaped stitching, sleek metallic accents and a futuristic curved steering wheel. The all-electric vehicle is based on Smart’s new Fourtwo Electric Drive. A similar commercial model of Scott’s design — complete with wings — will hit the market in April 2013, priced around $25,000." 
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The Next Wave of Italians Has Arrived

"The Italian brand Fiat left the U.S. market nearly three decades ago, and its return in 2011 through an alliance with Chrysler was somewhat underwhelming—at least partly because there weren’t that many dealerships properly prepared to sell the cars. Today, there are 142 Fiat dealerships in the U.S., and a string of ads featuring Jennifer Lopez, Charlie Sheen, and a steamy scene with an Italian model during the Super Bowl has helped them sell a record-high 3,712 adorable American-market “Cinquecentos” in March, with sales increasing every month since December. Electric Fiat 500s are expected to go on sale early next year." —

Fiat - Sunburst-Flamed Orange

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