Tuesday, December 25, 2012

"I Go Hard" – Ghostface Killah, Boy Jones & Wiz Khalifa. Produced by The RZA.

"I Go Hard" – Ghostface Killah, Boy Jones & Wiz Khalifa. Produced by The RZA.

And they think they know you
Till one day they show you
So no matter what they say I go hard
And I think it’s over, but it’s never over
’cause you now you think I’m down I go hard

[Wiz Khalifa]
Get up it’s that bitch card, Been here before
But don’t even let them see you at the ground
Dues that you gotta pay, and people that you gotta say
So don’t ever let them see you on the ground


[Ghostface Killah]
Yeah ya’ll, hey ya’ll
Dangerous thoughts mine of a Militia
Bottles at the one fifty poured over twisters
Broken bones the pillars stack now is the illest
The biggest landfills as we creep Caterpillars
Love raises, dirty guns with a few bodies
If this niggas tired of walk again, from the fucking shotty
Six sin, six pack, six degrees of seperation)
My evil third eye our blinks with no hesitation
Thus back spoon fools the sugar help the metty
Go down smooth and steady blowin the green deadly
And weed pops isolated of hash bricks
And he was left stuck a needle stuck in his arm died bad fix
We still rock, still ride cross in the stove
God breath back in the days as growing some more
Tupac's back, my glock’s fat after the guns spoke
You’re screaming where my block at

[Boy Jones]
I go hard like Listerine on bacteria
Hulk so hard he got the power to avenge her
I go hard earble T kid the cleanser herbal tea keep me
I go hard LA Dwight Howard
Lungs pounding hard too much smoke in the chimney
Fire plus iron evaporates the enemy
Jason Staham mechanic all mechanically
Right about now I can’t really use the realisy
I go hard like you never thought I could
One swing with the hammer the nails in the wood
My iron fist the story take a look I think you change your..
Vemonous and dangerous


The Man With The Iron Fists Soundtrack 

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