Sunday, December 23, 2012

theKONGBLOG™: INSIDE KNOWLEDGE: Golden Eagle Snatches Baby — Fake or Real? theTRUTH UNCOVERED!

A video recently posted on YouTube shows a frightening scene in which a Golden Eagle –said to be North America's largest bird of prey, flies over a park in Montreal, Canada and snatches a toddler and attempts to fly-away.

The person filming focuses on the large bird in the sky as it targets and hones in on a small, unattended child on the grass and then suddenly swooping down and lifting it into the air while another person nearby rummages through a bag — not noticing that the eagle had taken the baby airborne.

A frantic scene ensues in which the camera man lowers the camera and runs toward the child but fortunately, the eagle drops the baby and flies away — leaving the toddler unharmed.

The video quickly went viral but KONGTROVERSY quickly ensues questioning the authenticity of the captured incident. Biologists and experts have never heard of an eagle snatching another  human being and the skepticism grew until theKONGBLOG™'s INSIDE KNOWLEDGE Team of Forensics uncovered the truth:

Three students in 3D animation created a video depicting an eagle snatching a toddler in a Montreal park that went viral and generated discussions around the world.

Normand Archambault, Loïc Mireault and Félix Marquis-Poulin, students at Centre NAD, Canada have come forward to claim responsibility for the overnight sensation.

The video "Golden Eagle Snatches Kid in Montreal" garnered over 5 million views in one day.

"We brainstormed some ideas of what is viral online," said Archambault. "Everything that is animal related and baby related are super popular so we tried to bring both together and make something extraordinary that wouldn't happen every day."

The video took the students 400 hours to create.

The school grades the project according to the amount of views each video receives and videos that exceed 100,000 views get a perfect score...what do 32,000,000+ views receive?

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