Monday, December 10, 2012

Lionel Messi Breaks Soccer's World Record w/ 86 Goals

Lionel Messi ● Magic Skills 2014-2015 

Lionel Messi — theGREATEST SOCCER PLAYER in the WORLD TODAY, broke the record of 85 goals in a single season — surpassing Gerd Mueller's 40-year-old record.

The legend from West Germany stated, "My record stood for 40 years - 85 goals in 60 games - and now the best player in the world has broken it, and I'm delighted for him. He is an incredible player, gigantic...such a nice and modest professional...he's fantastic..."

The 25-year-old superstar –who stands at only 5'7", has been given the nickname "The Flea" because he is small in stature but has a confounding & mesmerizing way he moves through defenses. 

"Messi has his personality and I have mine. He has his game and I have mine. I also play in a big club like him. We are different in every aspect. But right now, he is the best." — Cristiano Ronaldo

"Scoring Machine! Lionel Messi Breaks 40-Year Record for Goals in a Year" — ABC News

"Messi breaks 40-year record with 86th goal" — Newsday


"Messi breaks 40-year record with 86th goal of 2012" — USA Today

"Messi beats Muller's 40-year goal record" — CNN

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