Thursday, December 27, 2012


Marvel Super Heroes™ Secret Wars™

Once upon a time... ...I e-mailed my favorite Top 10 Songs/Videos of the Year 2012 (no particular order) to my closest "circle of friends" known as the "E-Mail Wars Crew":
My cousin replied w/ the following, 
"FYI, The Bruno Mars link is the same link as "Wicked Games."  Happy holidays all!"

And here was my reply, 
"My bad cuzzo!
My sincere apologies to you cuz — puta, pendejo, chicano & Melvin's favorite: cabrón! lol's
Sorry, I can't stop cussin' in Spanish ever since seeing End of Watch (2012) — puñeta! lol's

"Locked Out Of Heaven" – Bruno Mars. Produced by Mark Ronson.

No but seriously, this has to be One of the Catchiest R&B Tracks of 2012! For those who don't know who Bruno Mars is...he is –by far, the closest reincarnation we have to the King of Pop — my idol: Michael Jackson! (Sometimes I wished I was molested by Mike, "Sigh!" <--- that's how much I miss him!)

As for reincarnations...have you guys ever heard of the BIGGEST MJ WANNA-BE of ALL-TIMES? No, not Chris Brown...his name is...drum-roll please:


He looks, acts, sings & dances like he's a Young MJ!
It's frightening.
He even surrounds himself w/ Michael Jackson's second/third generation family members!
It's scary.

"Dancefloor" – B. Howard
There are rumors swirling around the internet that he is indeed Michael's illegitimate son, but after extensive analysis by theKONGBLOG™ INSIDE KNOWLEDGE Forensic Team, we discovered that he is the son of R&B sultress — Miki Howard (she had a string of Top 10 R&B hits in the late-80's early-90's).

"Supermodel" – B. Howard

Regardless of being a copycat or wanna-be, the influence that Michael Jackson continues to have on today's music is unprecedented...his legacy & popularity will never die.

R.I.P. Michael Jackson R.I.P.

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