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theGREATEST GENIUS in the WORLD: Leonardo Da Vinci

theGREATEST GENIUS in the WORLD: Leonardo Da Vinci

The genius of Leonardo Da Vinci is Unprecedented • Unimaginable • Unattainable by us — mere mortals. His various artwork, drawings, inventions & works are heralded by the "elite" scientists and revered by "world-renowned" experts — his overall mind is considered the first & greatest of its time –in other words, Da Vinci is a M-A-S-T-E-R-M-I-N-D!

Leonardo became a master in more fields than any other geniuses & masterminds that came before & after him. 
Most Geniuses such as Albert Einstein, William Shakespeare, Nicolas Tesla, Stephen Hawkings, Bill Gates, and Steve Jobs, etc. were all extraordinary human beings w/ incredible minds but they were more or less, brilliant in a single field or genre.

This simply isn’t the case with Leonardo Da Vinci.

Leonardo Da Vinci's IQ = 220 ~ Immeasurable Genius

No subject matter was beyond his reach of comprehension — no matter how perplexing or impossible the world's mysteries seem to be...once he began meticulously dissecting a topic or subject, he would have covered every square root and every single inch of its disposition regardless of how daunting & overwhelming the task was — he would explain, explore, invent, investigate & uncover the unknown mysteries of life...
...his mental capacity was boundless limitless.

The Last Supper
Leonardo attempted to cover and essentially mastered a wide-range of subjects; as diverse as surgical anatomy, cartography, nature, archaeology -to- botany, engineering, math, idealogy, etc., Etc., ETC. — whilst also fulfilling his main livelihood; his love & passion of creating painted masterpieces such as The Last Supper & Mona Lisa paintings.

Leonardo da Vinci was a man of "both" worlds.

He was a master of both of art and science. Leonardo was an artist, architect, engineer, inventor, painter, sculptor, musician, scientist, and many more. 

He lived during the Renaissance Period and is widely considered the World's First Renaissance Man — "Renaissance Man" is known & referred to as a "polymath" — a brilliantly educated & diversely universal person who is knowledgeable and versatile in countless subjects and multiple fields.

Anatomy of the Heart
Leonardo Da Vinci's art –more specifically sketches, helped the world in seemingly endless ways — his scientific studies were recorded via sketchbooks and provided countless information on anatomy, nature and technology –including flight & warfare, as well as other areas in the field of science.

"Students of his work simply can not fathom the magnitude of his immense mind and scope of his vast knowledge primarily because he lived in the 1400's — over 600 years ago...light-years ahead of his time." — Kong from theKONGBLOG™

Da Vinci created "in-depth" drawings of the human body, which was a break-through — assisting doctors in curing their patients and helping surgeons perform better during operations — breaking new ground in the field of medicine.

Giant Cross-Bow
Bow & Arrow Machine
Leonardo was and still is a pioneer.

He was also an amazing painter — his paintings contained incredible detail...details so intricate, many of his masterpieces seem almost "life-like" and "real."

Art-Defying details included things such as various angels, textures, shadow effects and lighting — which gave his unprecedented  works "life-like" appearances.

The Battle of Anghiari (1505) — "Infamous" lost painting by Leonardo da Vinci 

Da Vinci's detailed style and proportional paintings was unparalleled amongst his peers and unmatched in his time — blowing the minds of royalty, doctors, and alchemists across the land.

Below are more incredible, jaw-dropping & mind-blowing works of Perhaps the Greatest Genius That Ever Lived...

...Leonardo Da Vinci:


Anatomy of Birth     —     Vitruvian Man

Human Anatomy

Sketch of the World's First Tank; before the concept & premise of a
war machine was even contrived or imagined

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